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Name: Dominick "Dom" Cobb
Occupation: Extractor, dreamworker
Relationships: Mal (wife, deceased); Phillipa Cobb (daughter); James Cobb (son); Stephen Miles (father-in-law); Marie (mother-in-law)
Fandom: Inception
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Dominick "Dom" Cobb, known as The Extractor in some promotional material, is the main protagonist of the 2010 film Inception, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.[1]


Cobb is the main character in the film Inception. He has no current canonical relationships in the film, but his deceased wife, Mal, appears in his dreams as an expression of his guilt over her death.

Fan community

Popularity and reception

Among 10.72 thousand Inception works on Archive of Our Own (AO3) as of March 2021, Cobb is the fourth most frequently tagged character, just behind Ariadne, trailing Arthur and Eames.[2]

Fanon and characterization


Cobb is often paired with one of his teammates, but also with Mal. Unusually for a fandom, the protagonist Cobb is not part of the main pairing for the fandom; that honour goes to Arthur/Eames. According to a sample of 9.88 thousand Inception works on AO3 as of March 2021, Cobb is most often paired with Mal, followed by Arthur, then Ariadne.[3]

Notable pairings

  • Cobb/Mal
  • Cobb/Arthur
  • Cobb/Ariadne
  • Cobb/Fischer
  • Cobb/Saito

Cobb-centric Fanworks

(popular trope and themes and fanon, popular or influential fic, art, vids etc.)

Meta and discussion

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