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Name: Dominic (or Dominick) Cobb, called "Dom"
Occupation: extractor, dreamworker
Relationships: Mal (wife, deceased)
Fandom: Inception
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Dom Cobb (also known as Dom) is a character from the film Inception, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.[1]

Character overview

Cobb is the main character in the film Inception. He has no current canonical relationships in the film, but his deceased wife, Mal, appears in his dreams as an expression of his guilt over her death. In fandom, Cobb is often paired with one of his team mates, but also with Mal. As is unusual for a fandom, Cobb is not part of the main pairing for the fandom; that honour goes to Arthur/Eames.

Fannish engagement with the character

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Meta and discussion

Cobb-centric Fanworks

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