Caduceus Clay

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Name: Caduceus Clay
Relationships: Cornelius Clay (father), Constance Clay (mother), Corrin (aunt), Clarabelle Clay (sister), Colton Clay (older brother), Calliope Clay (sister)
Fandom: Critical Role
Other: Played by Taliesin Jaffe
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Caduceus Clay is a Firbolg cleric played by Taliesin Jaffe on a popular D&D web series Critical Role in Campaign 2 after the loss of Mollymauk Tealeaf. Due to his difficult first name, Caduceus has a lot of nicknames both in-game and outside of the game.


The most popular Caduceus ship appears to be Caduceus/Fjord.

When his family was introduced, a lot of fans found they could relate to Caduceus much more:

Having seen Cad’s parents’ reaction to his “I’m sorry I left, I know I wasn’t supposed to,” makes me suddenly relate to Cad like whoa. Because nobody ever told him he had to stay! Nobody ever said, “It’s a good thing Cad will stay home so we can all go on our quests!” He just… concluded that from the atmosphere and then put that on himself. I get that! When you have a sibling - especially an older sibling - or, in Cad’s case, several siblings - who are kind of wild and Difficult, nobody has to tell you that your parents are stressed and need a break, you just know it. And becoming The Good Kid, the One Who Doesn’t Cause Problems becomes a very appealing identity to inhabit. And it’s hard to deal with later!!! Because you’re fucked up in the same way someone is when somebody does tell them ‘oh it’s so good that you’re Good and Not a Problem,’ but they didn’t do that to you, YOU did that to you! Somebody was telling you those things, but it wasn’t your parents, it was your own shitty anxious brain that attached your entire self-worth to having Quiet and Good be Your Thing. [1]


In episode 114, which aired during Ace Week, Caduceus confirmed in canon that he was asexual. Taliesin admitted in a Twitter reply that he was sitting on that reveal for a while, wanting to go about it naturally[2]. A lot of fans reacted very positively. Asexual Critters appreciated the representations[3]. Some even mentioned that the fact it wasn't an in the moment decision, but something Taliesin decided a long time ago meant even more[4][5]. In a follow-up tweet, it was also confirmed that Caduceus is aromantic[6].


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  • Caduceus’s whole fate and faith thing so completely fascinating, Archived version - It’s just so, so fascinating to me, watching Caduceus decide that he Knows How This Is Destined To Go, and then working towards that end he’s decided is fated. And then all his efforts mean things actually go that way and of course they did, it was fate! Or else they don’t, and something else was fate. And you can’t even quite argue against it, not even on a meta level, because maybe each and every die was meant to come down on the number it landed on (except I don’t, can’t believe that about the real world).
  • What’s Up Doc? or, some thoughts about Team Cleric a.k.a Team Emotional Repression, Archived version - He is a fixed point and the others revolve around him and interact with him. It’s a really interesting place of control, and minimal vulnerability. It’s a very powerful thing and the Nein feed into that power, they provide him power and purpose via their emotional vulnerability.



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