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Name: Q
Occupation: head of MI6's Q Branch
Fandom: James Bond
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Q is a James Bond character. "Q" is a codename (which stands for "Quartermaster") that is given to the head of the "Q Branch" research and development division of the British Secret Service. Q provides James Bond with his various futuristic spy gadgets.

Classic Films


Fan interest in the character skyrocketed after Ben Whishaw was cast as the new Q in the 2012 film Skyfall. Q had not appeared in the first two Craigverse films (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace).

This version of Q is much younger than the Qs of the classic films. Additionally, his clean slate in the reboot films and the lack of a definite backstory was appealing to many fans, who could develop their own interpretations of the character. This has led to a rich variety of characterizations for Q in fanfiction and other fanworks.

Whishaw's portrayal led to a preponderance of James Bond/Q, or "00Q", shipping. Q is also, less commonly, paired with Alec Trevelyan, Raoul Silva, or Eve Moneypenny, frequently as part of a threesome with Bond as in popular pairing James Bond/Q/Alec Trevelyan.

Whishaw's Q also commonly features in "Bondlock" crossovers with the BBC Sherlock series. In these fanworks, Q is often portrayed as a third, youngest Holmes brother. Q's precise diction, aloofness, and looks, led many fans to associate the character with Sherlock and Mycroft and consider him a natural addition to the family. Mycroft's canon involvement in the Secret Intelligence Services lends an additional connection.

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