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Name: Ratonhnhaké:ton (Connor)
Occupation: Assassin
Relationships: Unnamed wife, one son, and two daughters
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
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Ratonhnhaké:ton (aka "Connor" or "Connor Kenway") is the main protagonist of Assassin's Creed III. The son of a British man (Haytham Kenway) and a Kanien'kehá:ka woman (Kaniehtí:io), his plot arc involves fighting to protect his tribe's land from the encroachment of Westerners. In the process he had a hand in many events of the American Revolution, but ultimately he was unsuccessful in saving his village.

An issue of the Assassin's Creed Reflections comic revealed that, at some time post-game, Ratonhnhaké:ton had children with another Native American woman.


Fandom opinion on the character is mixed. Some praise his complex personality and say that he was a deeper character than Ezio or Altaïr, while others criticize him as one of the weaker AC protagonists.[1][2] One fan summarized him thusly:

I think Connor has some qualities that could make him a very interesting character. He fights very "savagely", but still cares deeply about people and nature. He is obsessed with freedom, but not necessarily with the Assassin's ideals as a whole. He sees good in the Templars and tries to unite with them, even going against his mentor in this desire. He's a very troubled character, stuck between not only Europeans and Native Americans, but also between Assassins and Templars (because of Haytham).

However, that was badly executed, and his faults were too strong for me to really like him. He was rash and made decisions too hastily. He never heard his enemies beside Haytham, kept an extremist point of view on killing the Templars without thinking about possible consequences and, for that, lost his people. Not to mention the fact that he was shoehorned into every major event in the American Revolution, which got old REALLY fast...

Had he been more well executed, i think I may have liked him. But as it stands, Connor annoys me more than anything else.[3]

Connor was voted the Best Game Character of 2012 in the Virgin Media Awards, defeating strong contenders such as Master Chief, Hitman, and Max Payne.[4]

Many fans have expressed the headcanon that Ratonhnhaké:ton is on the asexual/aromantic spectrum.[5][6][7][8][9]


The most common slash pairing for Connor is Conhayth; less common are Connor/Washington or Kanen'tó:kon/Ratonhnhaké:ton. Common het pairings are Connorline, Connor/Reader, or Connor/OC.


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