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Journal Community
Name: asscreedkinkmeme
Date(s): Created 2009-12-26 on LJ, 2011-12-27 on dreamwidth
Type: kink meme
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
URL: forkinsocket @ livejournal
kinksassins @ livejournal
kinksassins @ dreamwidth
asscreedkinkmeme @ dreamwidth
Archives: asscreedarchive @ pinboard, asscreedarchive @ delicious, ackink-archives @ livejournal

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asscreedkinkmeme is the kink meme community for the Assassin's Creed fandom. It was originally located on LiveJournal, but has since 2011 been on Dreamwidth. The kinkmeme began in December 2009 (about a month after the release of Assassin's Creed II).

There are no specific rules to the meme other than "one request per post".

The most common pairing requested, according to Pinboard tag counts, is Altaïr/Malik, with Ezio/Leonardo coming in 2nd, and Desmond/Shaun in 3rd.

When activity slowed down, a second Assassin's Creed kinkmeme community was created by Scribblywibbly on LiveJournal in February 2013; however, this saw no usage. The original kinkmeme has continued to get intermittent bursts of activity.