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Name: Queer Headcanon of the Day
Date(s): March 6, 2015 – January 6, 2019







Any fandom



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Queer Headcanon of the Day is a Tumblr blog that posts reader-submitted headcanons from any fandom, regarding characters being anywhere under the LGBT+ umbrella. The blog is run by DJ, a nonbinary trans woman (main blog at exceedinglytrans.tumblr.com). Two headcanons are posted per day, with the exception of Fridays, when two "Canon" or "Basically Canon" submissions are posted. (Previously there were four submissions posted a day, but DJ changed it in May 2017 after a hiatus, due to limited time and energy.[1])

The blog entered another hiatus in early January 2019 due to the mod being busy IRL.

Submissions take the format of an image plus the text "Today’s Queer Headcanon of the Day is"... For example the very first post on the blog was "Today’s Queer Headcanon of the Day is: Steve Rogers is bisexual, and interested in Sam Wilson".[2]

The blog's header image shows Korrasami and the icon shows Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, which are both canonical queer relationships.

Some users have objected to the blog's usage of "queer" since they feel it is a slur, but DJ holds the opinion that "The [LGBTQA] acronym is constantly evolving and never all-inclusive, whereas ‘queer’ as an umbrella term is something I and a significant amount of other people feel comfortable using. I understand if you don’t, and I understand if you or anyone else isn’t comfortable following the blog because of its name."[3] "I do indeed encourage those of you who are uncomfortable with that to unfollow, as much as I want you all to stay. Your safety and comfort is more important than this blog, obviously, so do what you need to do."[4]


Q: What, exactly, are the sorts of headcanons accepted here?
A: If you consider a character to be gay, bi, pan, demi, ace or any sexuality other than straight, that’s a valid headcanon. If you consider a character to be trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, or any other gender that would make them not be considered cis, that’s a valid headcanon. If you think a character is intersex, that’s a valid headcanon. If you ship two (or more - polyamory is a valid headcanon!) characters together in a relationship that would not be considered heterosexual, that’s a valid headcanon.[5]


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