Assassin's Creed Confessions

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Name: Assassin's Creed Confessions
Date(s): November 2011 - present
Submissions: Yes
Type: Images/text
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Scope: Opinion, Fandom wank, and other miscellany
URL:; archive link
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Assassin's Creed Confessions (not to be confused with Dirty Assassin's Creed Secrets) is a long-running blog on tumblr that publishes user submissions covering anything related to the fandom, such as:

  • "confessions" about gameplay habits (Every time I see a couple crying, I always get Ezio to throw them some money, hoping that it will help them somehow.,[1] Whenever it is taking me an exceptionally long time to get to my destination, while playing any Assassin’s Creed game, I would always make a playful tune with the weapon select system, [...] It is so satisfying to make a song out of the sound effect of selecting a sword and fists.[2])
  • criticism of the series (Torres was by and far the most useless antagonist I’ve ever seen. Roberts could probably have filled in his role just fine.,[3] I hate the way they wrote off Malik and Maria in Revelations.[4])
  • fans' wishes for the future of the series (I want a game set in Precursor times, where you see TWCB working in the Grand Temple to save the world, from an anti-precursor human’s perspective.,[5] I would enjoy and appreciate a game with William Miles as the modern protagonist.[6]
  • opinions on the fandom, tagged as "#fandom wank" (this fandom gets so salty sometimes i feel like i’m sailing aboard the jackdaw surrounded by the briny sea,[7] YES, people liked Desmond BEFORE AC3. [...] NO, people who like him aren’t in anyway wrong, stupid, or bad fans, like you’ve been telling them they are. [8]

The blog is ran by Nicole ( In mid-2016 she was locked out of the original URL (assassinscreedconfessions) due to a tumblr-wide password issue, and had to set up a new URL at ac-confessions instead, branding it "AC Confessions v 2.0".