Dirty Assassin's Creed Secrets

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Name: Dirty Assassin's Creed Secrets
Date(s): January 2013 - present
Submissions: Yes
Type: Images/text
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Scope: Sexual fantasies, short erotic fanfic
URL: http://dirtyasscreedsecrets.tumblr.com/; archive link


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Dirty Assassin's Creed Secrets (a.k.a. Dirty Asscreed Secrets or DACS) is a community that posts reader-submitted sexual fantasies (up to 600 words long[1]) regarding the characters of the Assassin's Creed series. The blog is run by a rotating roster of mods who take on titles from names of characters within the series.


DACS was started in January 2013 by tumblr user Jessica (who went by "Signora Paola" when she was a mod on DACS) when "the previous Dirty Assassin’s Creed Confessions blog got shut down for unknown reasons. She was annoyed at the fact that she was not able to submit her confessions anymore. She was also annoyed as to how Assassin’s Creed was the only fandom here on tumblr that didn’t have its own 'dirty confessions' blog yet again."[2]

In July 2016 a companion Twitter account was created: https://twitter.com/dirtyACsecrets.

There was much squeeing and embarrassment when Noah Watts, the voice actor for Ratonhnhaké:ton | Connor was seen liking and reblogging confessions.[3] He also sent in a couple of approving fanmail messages to the blog[4] and mentioned it during a livestream.[5]

Uhh... Noah Watts reblogged my Connor confession... (I'm ready to die of embarrassment now.) (holyshitsothisiswhatgettingnoticedfeelslike) Uhh... Umm... Thanks? I'm glad he liked it? Did you guys like it? Is it possible to feel extremely embarrassed and still be kind of pleased with yourself at the same time? - Flustered Anon[6]

Paul Amos, the voice actor for Jacob Frye, is also aware of the blog: he's been interviewed about it on the podcast The Assassin's Den.[7]

Due to the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge in December 2018, one of the mods started a Dreamwidth journal and then also a Pillowfort community.

I know it seems that we are all over the place and frankly, I am uncertain as to where we’re going to settle in the end. Honestly, our Dreamwidth page is really a secondary site. Despite my frustrations and anger at Tumblr, our hands are tied (and not in the fun way lol). We have to maintain our operations here until most of our patrons decide to leave Tumblr. This bordello exists because of your participation after all! So, for now - this Tumblr will still be the primary site, but since Tumblr’s crapshoot of an AI is very flawed when it comes to really detecting pornography in images, if we have suggestive images, we will only put the text here and link it to our Dreamwidth page. Our Pillowfort community will stay relatively untouched for now… unless its membership suddenly increases.[8]


No fantasies regarding real people involved in the production of Assassin's Creed are allowed:

While we do our fair share of fan-boying/fan-girling over the lovely and talented voice actors of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, we would rather have the blog focused on fictional characters, and not the real people that took part in their creation. This means that we will welcome confessions that solely focus on the person’s voice, but not confessions that involve the person him/herself. This also extends to discussions about these voice actors’ personal lives–we would rather discuss their professional work and not speculate or examine what they do in their lives. As this blog has gotten more popular, we are sometimes visited by the voice actors themselves, so we find it prudent to respect their personal space.[9]

Also disallowed are any submissions that include hybristophilia, bestiality, scat/watersports, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, pedophilia, or anything defined as a crime against humanity by the International Criminal Court e.g. cannibalism, murder, rape, forced pregnancy. For submissions involving a rape role-play the rules require that consent and aftercare be clearly included.[10]

Secluded Haystack

A side project of DACS is Secluded Haystack (secluded-haystack.com), where user-submitted short erotic fanfic is hosted. Submissions are required to be Mature or Explicit rated, 600 to 10,000 words in length (previously 500 to 5,000 words, and before that 300 to 4,000 words), and must be a reader-insert. Splitting a longer work into multiple parts is also accepted.

There were a few questions asking us in the past if we could take longer confessions. While we thought it was a great idea, we believed that Tumblr’s platform wasn’t really ideal for this. So we gathered a few of our resources and made Secluded Haystack. It works very much like a fan fiction archive, but with a dirty twist!
You can write your drabble in any format - first person POV, second person POV, and even third person POV. For those works that would ask the reader to “fill in the blanks” (such as names, physical characteristics, etc.) we will add a script that will let the reader be part of the story and give them the power to customise any details that are pertinent to the original character. We decided to do this to give a personal touch to the drabbles submitted on the Haystack and making them a little unique from the usual fan fiction you see. ;)[11]

Fifty Shades of Pene

On occasion, fans write longer fanfics inspired by the secrets submitted to DACS. These are linked from the blog's Fifty Shades of Pene page.


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