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Name: Castiel Big Bang
Date(s): 2017
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
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Castiel Big Bang was a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom that focused on Castiel. Writers had to write a story of 5000 words for a mini-bang or 15,000 words for a big bang, and artists had to create one piece for a mini-bang and two pieces for a big bang, of any medium.


When I Grow Up
Author: weasleychick32
Artist: kuwlshadow
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing: Eventual Dean/Castiel
Word Count: 24k
Warnings: Potty mouths, mentioned drug use by a secondary character
Summary: What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut? A scientist? A hula-hooping rodeo clown who drives the ice cream truck on Sundays? At age seven, Castiel already has his future decided, now it’s simply a matter of making it happen. Life gets in the way in the form of hospital visits, a stolen favorite pencil, school yard bullies, a gym-eteria talent show, and a spur of the moment road trip, but he refuses to settle. With a little help from family, unexpected friends, a kind stranger, and a freckle-faced boy with a love of giraffes and architecture, he can do anything. Told in seven-year increments from age seven to thirty-five.

The Birthday Cake
Author: noxsoulmate
Artist: secretagentg
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing/s: Dean/Castiel, Charlie/Jo
Word Count: 14K
Warnings: Businessman Dean, poor Castiel, Dean to the rescue, Fluff and Angst, Depression, Hopeful Ending
Summary: Dean Winchester is not one to socialize during his few precious days away from work. However, he’s also not one to just stand by when a man in need is being bullied. Or when said man and the little girl by his side need a ride during a snowstorm. Or when they need blankets. Or when … okay, so maybe Dean is one to socialize after all, but only when it comes to blue-eyed angels in need.

If we can’t find where we belong
Author: cenedrariva
Artist: kuwlshadow
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: pre-relationship Dean/Castiel, Dean/others, past Sam/Jess
Word Count: 79.5k
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, descriptions of torture, suicidal thoughts, brainwashing, some sexual content
Summary: Castiel had know about the Winchester family line for centuries. They were an archangel bloodline, everyone knew about them. He just didn’t care. There were better things to do than worry about Winchesters, such as fighting demons. It wasn’t until all of the Earthly Garrison were called back to Heaven to prepare for the Apocalypse that Castiel took notice of the brothers, watching from above as he waited for orders. Unexpectedly, he found himself growing quite fond of Dean. Enough so that other angels begin to notice and comment. After rescuing Dean from Hell, Castiel continued to grow closer to him, despite the warnings. Of course, these things never run smoothly. Particularly when love is involved.

Mr Brightside
Author: andromytta
Artist: jrnytthpst
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Dean Winchester/Castiel; Dean Winchester/Others
Word Count: 5000
Summary: Based on the song “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. This story takes a look at how Castiel feels about Dean Winchester utilizing the lyrics of “Mr. Brightside.” Castiel has loved Dean Winchester from the moment he “gripped him tight and rose him from perdition.” But will the hunter ever return his feelings?

Art by dmsilvisart for The Case of the Curious Convention

The Case of the Curious Convention
Author: jdragon122
Artist: dmsilvisart
Rating: M
Pairing/s: Destiel
Word Count: 26k
Warnings:Language, more fluff than plot, Shipper Sam, Comic Con, lots of jokes and references, some violence, TFW at the beach, sassy Cas, embarrassed Dean, after season 11, crack fic
Summary: The apocalypse(s) has been long over and the Winchesters have reverted back to their normal hunting habits with their best friend and angel, Castiel. One particular case they find, leads them straight to California and specifically, San Diego. Doing a small hunt while out by the sandy beaches doesn’t sound like a bad deal and so Team Free Will sets out to hunt, vacation, and have fun while doing it. Little do they know that they just happened to drive into town the weekend of Comic Con - and that their case might have something to do with it.

Right Turns & Routine Disruptions
Author: aria-lerendeair
Artist: cenedrariva
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Destiel - Dean Winchester/Castiel Novak
Word Count: 23,000
Warnings: NFSW, Frottage, Hand Jobs, Pining (SO much Pining)
Summary: If Castiel Novak had to pick one word to describe himself, he knew precisely what it would be. Boring. Tax accountants, while a necessary evil to the world were boring, and he would likely qualify as the most boring one that existed. However, when his best friend (though he used that title very broadly when applying it to Balthazar), dares him to make one small change to his routine, just one, Castiel doesn’t have it in him to argue. His decision to turn right on the route he walks home instead of left brings one Dean Winchester, local mechanic and brand new pastry shop owner, crashing into his life. Dean turns his routine upside down and backwards, but Castiel doesn’t…mind. He keeps turning right, and keeps running into Dean. Maybe routine disruption is…good?

On The Other Side
Author: waning-grace
Artist: whimsycatcher​
Rating: Gen
Pairing/s: Castiel & Dean Winchester
Word Count: 8,330
Warnings: None
Summary: When Dean kicks Cas out of the bunker with no more than the clothes on his back and a shitty explanation what is the former angel to do? Newly human, and now homeless, will Castiel be able to survive on the streets by himself?

I’m Broken (A Coming of Age story)
Author: pherryt
Artist: lotrspnfangirl
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Destiel (endgame), Castiel/April, Castiel/Meg, Castiel/Balthazar, Castiel/Others, Dean/Lisa (mentioned), Dean/Benny (mentioned), Sam/Jess (mentioned), Garth/Bess (mentioned), Charlie/Gilda (mentioned)
Word Count: 64k
Warnings: Asexual Character, Asexuality, ace!cas, Bi!Dean, Trans Character, Trans Male Character, Trans Female Character, changing pronouns, brief underage relationship (But really on the cusp), traumatic memories, dubcon, Past Child Abuse, Past Sexual Abuse, mention of past suicidal thoughts (not by main characters), Cheating(not by Cas or Dean), Funeral, Character Death, jimmy and cas are twins, Jimmy’s in a Coma, Michael is in ass, Angst, Lots of Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Hand Job, First Time Blow Jobs(Seriously thats as explicit as this fic gets), (Mature rating is more for the abuse and themes of the story), Coming of Age, Coming Out, NSFB(sorry)
Summary: Castiel Novak was 16 years old, and he’d never been kissed. Or, for that matter, had he been the one doing the kissing. Point was…well. That kind of was the point. And normally, it wasn’t a state of affairs he would have been much concerned with. Except that everyone else was. Castiel spends years of his life believing something is wrong with him, that something fundamental inside of him is broken beyond repair. As he gets older and goes away to college with his best friend Hannah - who struggles with her own identity right alongside of him - he discovers there’s so much more out there he’d never dreamed of…so much that makes everything make a hell of a lot more sense to him now. He dares to hope that he can finally feel comfortable with himself…

Dark Angel
Author: andromytta
Artist: jrnytthpst
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Castiel/Original Female Character
Word Count: 14,000
Summary: Sam and Castiel free a being imprisoned by a former Man of Letters. A being from Castiel’s past. Can he stop her from fulfilling her original mission to help raise Lucifer to reign over Heaven, Hell and Earth?

Finding Courage
Title: Finding Courage
Author: darkheartinthesky
Artist: kuwlshadow
Summary: By allowing Lucifer to use him as a vessel, Castiel helped eliminate the Darkness and saved the World. But it may have been at the cost of Sam and Dean’s friendship. Deciding he has nothing to live for without that, Castiel plans to end his life on his terms and be at peace—if only a certain ghost of an archangel would leave him alone. Meanwhile, Dean needs to learn to use his words. A Supernatural “It"s A Wonderful Life” AU

Cause You Had A Bad Day
Author: noxsoulmate
Artist: sternchencas
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Castiel/Dean Winchester, past Castiel/Lucifer
Word Count: 15k
Warnings: Police Officer Dean, Secretary Castiel, Violence, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending, Cheating (not between Dean and Cas), Blood and Injury, Attempted Sexual Assault, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Psycho Lucifer
Summary: They say bad things happen in threes. That must be a lie because Castiel Novak is having the worst day of his life. Three bad things have already happened, but now – to top it all off – the police are pulling him over. Maybe he shouldn’t have been driving while crying his eyes out. But then again, losing his license would probably be the least of his problems today.

Sweet Child of Mine
Author: lux-tuli
Artist: casquecest
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Gen (past Michifer)
Word Count: 5,888
Warnings: temporary major character death, canon minor character death
Summary: [S5 AU] Castiel was always different from the other angels. Unbeknownst to most of his brethren, it was because Cas had been born out of the union of grace between a mated pair of angels, which so happened to be Michael and Lucifer. With the seals broken and Lucifer now roaming the Earth, Cas finds himself torn between being the obedient son to Michael and wanting Lucifer to be safe from harm, all while wanting to protect the Winchesters.

Save the Date
Author: noxsoulmate
Artist: janimoon
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Pairing/s: Dean/Castiel
Word Count: 5K
Warnings: Homophobia/Homophobic Language, mostly Jody’s POV
Summary: When Officers Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum get a call to a possible break-in at St. Patrick’s Cathedral down in Manhattan, New York, they were expecting a lot. However, catching Dean Winchester, son of their NYPD-Chief, and Castiel Novak, nephew of their Archbishop, was definitely not on the list.

Author: mathamota
Artist: aiulbones
Rating: teen and up audiences
Pairing/s: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester/John Winchester, Balthazar/Meg Masters
Word Count: 13k
Warnings: a bit harsh language
Summary: It has been years since Castiel left everything and everyone behind to join Meg and Balthazar for college in another town. Over the years he has learnt to love himself and function on his own, even the nightmares have left him. But when years later his past comes crashing down on him he has to decide if it’s him who needs a closure or past that needs to move on.

Castiel Novak: Tomb Raider
Author: emwebb17
Artist: demon-eyes-angel-skies
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 51K
Warnings: mild violence; question archaeological practices; supernatural elements
Summary: When disgraced archaeologist Dean Winchester goes missing, his brother hires survivalist Castiel Novak to track him down. With only Dean’s notes and journal to guide him, Castiel follows Dean’s trail across the globe, discovering long lost treasures and clues leading to the mythical Godland. As Castiel learns more about his target, he starts to develop feelings for a man he’s never even met. Now all he has to do is find him.

Waltzing On Glass
Author: ladyeternal178
Artist: knowmefirst
Rating: E
Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Aziraphale/Crowley, Abariel/Gamaliel, past Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore
Word Count: 25,675
Warnings: blindfold!sex, rimming, fellatio, light domination/submission, pseudo-soulless!Sam, non-graphic torture of a villainous character, canonical minor character death
Summary: With time drawing down against them, Team Free Love must think outside the box and use every resource at their disposal if they hope to win against two archangels bent on destroying each other. But while Sam is coming to terms with the implications of a face from his past suddenly returned to the fray, Castiel is faced with a far more difficult task: helping Dean Winchester find his way to faith.

Author: splendidcas
Artist: dreamsfromthebunker
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word Count: 3.4K
Warnings: minor angst, blood, injury, fluff
Summary: Soulmate AU where everyone is born with a small bud on their chest that only blooms when they first touch their soulmate. Y/N, no matter how much she loves him, believes that Castiel isn’t her soulmate. They’ve touched many times, and nothing’s ever come from it. But what if she were wrong?

A Study In Cas
Author: babybluecas
Artist: deanirae
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Pairing/s: Castiel & Dean Winchester
Word Count: 18k
Warnings: canon specific violence, unhealthy eating habits
Summary: Cas called so Dean came. Miles away from the Bunker, months after Dean’s reluctant eviction of the newly fallen angel, the two friends become partners in what could be their last case together before Cas moves on with the new life he’s made for himself.

Author: humanformdragon
Artist: entirelythewrongsort
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing/s: Dean/Castiel implied
Word Count: 6k
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Months after Castiel took on another angel’s Grace, he gets a message from Nora asking if he’ll visit to help her with some home repairs. He takes a break from persuading the angels to return to Heaven and takes Hannah to visit his friend.

Author: navajomouse
Artist: emmatheslayer
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Wordcount: 20,000
Summary: When Charlie takes Dean to a drag show, he never dreamed he’d meet the love of his life performing.

Come Away With Me
Author: enochianisfunnier
Artist: dmsilvisart
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 24K
Warnings: mild gay panic, first time, college!Cas and stoner!Dean
Summary: Dean can hardly believe his luck when John ditches him and Sam in a Missouri town for a month. He’s determined to make the most of it while Sam finishes his junior year of high school: relaxing, enjoying life, and smoking too much weed. When a cute stranger at a local coffee shop hooks him up with his dealer brother, Dean can’t help but be intrigued by Cas. As the two grow closer, will Cas turn out to be the push Dean needs to accept some hard truths about himself?

What We Want and What We Need
Author: zeeimpalaangel
Artist: casquecest
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing/s: none
Word Count: 35k
Warnings: Major Character Death
Summary: When Claire is captured by a Djinn, Castiel rushes to her rescue only to be taken victim as well. After they’re rescued by Sam and Dean, Castiel struggles with what he learned while under the Djinns spell, what he experiences in the real world, and the effects of having been under for so long. He is about to embark on a journey to discover who he is, what he wants and what he truly needs.

Learning to Live Again
Author: formidablepassion
Artist: cheldraws
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Dean Winchester/Castiel, Jo/Charlie, (past) Castiel/Daphne
Word Count: 5385
Warnings: None
Summary: After the death of his wife, Daphne, Castiel spent years wallowing in his sadness and trying to move on. Finally he accepts the invitation to a blind double date from his friends Charlie and Jo. Even if he can’t find it in him to date romantically, maybe he could at least find a friend in this mystery guy.

One Angel, Two Hunters and 12 Freaking Holidays
Author: spunkybob5
Artist: pimentogirl
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing/s: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Hannah
Word Count: 16K
Warnings: none
Summary: An evening out on St Patrick’s Day leads Castiel to wonder why the Winchesters so rarely celebrate. Dean and Sam agree to join Castiel on a year-long journey of holiday celebrations - one holiday a month, and it can’t get in the way of hunting. From Easter to Valentine’s Day, the three find the holidays are more than just fun and games.

When Worlds Collide
Author: jhoomwrites
Artist: thearronaut
Rating: E
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Dean Smith/Endverse Castiel, prior Endverse Dean/Endverse Castiel, minor Endverse Dean/Dean Smith/Endverse Castiel
Word Count:57k
Warnings: MCD, endverse!cas, dean smith, sam wesson, canon typical violence, substance abuse, drug addiction, mentions of eating disorders, nsfw, bottom!cas, top!dean, bottom!dean, top!cas, bedsharing, dream sex, dry humping, double penetration, threesome, recreational drug use, season 12 (mentioned), canon divergence, angst with a happy ending
Summary: When Zachariah dies, the illusions he’s created die with him. But before they collapse completely, sometimes they collide. That’s how Castiel goes from cradling Dean Winchester’s broken body one moment, to finding himself face to face with Dean Smith in the next. This story starts in the moments after 2009 Dean is pulled from the Endverse back into his own timeline. We follow Endverse Castiel as he’s sucked into the Terrible Life Verse. Confronted with Dean Smith, Castiel begrudgingly tries to deal with the fact that he’s still alive and that he’s stuck with some strange Dean. (Worse yet, he might be developing feelings for this other man.) But is Castiel the only one who slipped between the cracks between one world and another? And how and why did Castiel end up in Dean Smith’s apartment?

The Dog Food Diet
Author: noxsoulmate
Artist: bruisedcastiel
Rating: General Audience
Pairing/s: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Sarah, Gabriel/Hannah, Jimmy/Amelia
Word Count: 5K
Warnings: none
Summary: When a new significant other is brought to a family celebration, the typical stories ensue. Like when and how did a certain couple meet? Or what was the best proposal? In the Winchester-Novak clan, the title of “Funniest ‘How we first met’-Story” will forever be in the hands of Castiel and his husband Dean.