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Journal Community
Name: spn_castiel
Date(s): 19 September 2008 - ?
Moderator: kitsu84, tracy
Type: Fanworks sharing, Recs
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: spn-castiel

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spn_castiel is a LiveJournal fanworks community focused on the character of Castiel, and the actor Misha Collins. All pairings were welcome, including RPF.

According to the community tags, fans posted video clips, info about conventions and interviews, LJ community promos, discussions, friending memes, LJ icons, meta, fanfic, picspams, wallpapers, podfic, music videos, and more. The most popular pairings were Castiel/Dean (2724 posts), Castiel/Sam (154 posts), and Castiel/Gabriel (85 posts). There was a small amount of RPF posted including Misha/Jensen (34 posts).[1]

In 2011, mods posted a poll asking whether the rules should be changed to prohibit RPF. Poll results showed a quarter would be displeased or "extremely angry", half didn't care either way, and approximately 28% would be pleased or "extremely happy".[2] Fans continued posting RPF to the comm after this post, so it appears the rules were never changed.

As of September 2022, this community has 7,281 posts; 18,280 comments; and 2,895 members.[3] The most recent public post is from 2021; it looks like fans still occasionally post links to their fanworks, but no one is commenting.


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