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Pairing: Castiel/Sam Winchester
Alternative name(s): Sastiel, Sassy, Samstiel
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Supernatural
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
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Castiel/Sam, also known as Sastiel or Sassy, is the slash pairing of Castiel and Sam Winchester in Supernatural fandom.



Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Exclusion of Dean: many fics find a way to exclude Dean from the narrative, thus forcing Sam and Cas to be closer to each other, the reasons for Dean's absence can vary, from something as mild as Dean going out for an evening, to as harsh as Dean dying
  • Human Castiel: Castiel was never an angel, or is somehow turned into a human being, or during one of the periods in canon where Castiel lost his grace and was human. In fics where Cas has lost his grace there is often a focus on Sam helping Cas adapt to human life, this is also sometimes the catalyst for a romantic relationship, because Cas is fully feeling human emotions for the first time and he realizes that his feelings for Sam run deeper than friendship
  • Mundane AU: Sam is not a hunter and Castiel is not an angel, and they meet under more conventional circumstances
  • High School AU: similar to the Mundane AU, only them as teenagers
  • Hurt/Comfort: usually with Sam being the recipient of the trauma and Castiel offering the comfort, but sometimes reversed
  • Antagonists to Lovers: although not technically antagonists their early canon relationship is often seen as indifferent, or contentious, especially on Castiel's part, so early fic focused on this dynamic, and sometimes has an "enemies to friends to lovers" vibe, or is enemyslash-ish
  • Robo!Sam: although rare, there are some fanworks focused on the interaction between Souless Sam and Cas, these tend to be dark in nature, because of Robo!Sam's lack of morality and his casual use of others
  • Netflix: in episode 11x04 Sam tells Cas, who is recovering from an injury, to go in his room and watch Netflix to relax, this comment lead to the creation of fanon that after this Sam and Cas often hung out in Sam's room and watched television together, sometimes leading to "Netflix and chill"
  • Pets: because canonically Sam likes dogs, and Cas mentioned once that he would like a cat, it is not uncommon to find fanworks that portray him being pet owners or animal lovers, especially in fanart
  • Asexual Cas: characterizing Cas as asexual is common in the overall fandom, in Sam/Cas fanworks Sam is almost always portrayed as accepting of Cas' asexuality
  • Threesome or Poly: the most popular character to include being Dean (Wincestiel), but there is also some threesome fic featuring Gabriel (Sastriel) or Meg



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