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Name: Jay
Alias(es): nonexistenz, non3xistenz, jayi (pre-2008)
Type: Fanartist, fanwriter, moderator, doujinka
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Good Omens (TV), Hannibal (TV series), Hannibal Extended Universe, MCU, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Yuri on Ice, Naruto, JRock
Communities: Moderator of DCSS
Moderator of SGSS
Moderator of LRBB
URL: Tumblr
Writing Tumblr
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Nonexistenz is a multifandom fanartist, doujinka, fanwriter and moderator, perhaps best known for her works in the Supernatural, Hannibal and MCU fandoms.

She is primarily an artist, her art can be best described as photorealism, almost exclusively drawn in greyscale. She posted mostly slash art to date and seems to have a preference for rarepairs.

While Jay purged her accounts in 2008 due to unknown reasons, she was back a few years later and has since then been collaborating with a lot of people in several fandoms, mostly by participating in various big bang and reverse bangs.

Jay isn't a very active artist, but she is still producing multifandom fanart to this day.

Challenge Moderator

Nonexistenz moderated 4 rounds of the Dean/Castiel Secret Santa Exchange from 2014-2017, and the one and only round of the Sam/Gadreel Secret Santa Exchange in 2015.

Currently she is still a moderator for the Loki Rarepair Big Bang and Reverse Bang, which has first been hosted 2021.

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