Dean/Castiel Secret Santa Exchange

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Name: Dean/Castiel Secret Santa Exchange
Date(s): 2009 - 2017
Moderator(s): blue_fjords, cienna, dizzzylu, etcetera_kit, nonexistenz, firefly124
Founder: blackonice
Type: Gift Exchange - fanfiction, fanart, fanvids
Fandom: Supernatural
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The Dean/Castiel Secret Santa Exchange was an annual gift exchange in supernatural fandom, focused on the pairing of Dean/Castiel and the RPS pairing of Jensen/Misha. Participants had to great one of the following:

  • Fiction: At least 1500 words in length, using appropriate beta readers and headers.
  • Original art: At least one large art item of significant quality/resolution.
  • Digital art package: At least one large art item (wallpaper, LJ header), and either a second large art item or a collection of smaller items (icons, animations).
  • Vids: At least 1:30 in length.