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Name: Gabriel, Loki, The Trickster
Occupation: Angel of the Lord, Trickster God
Title/Rank: Archangel, Messenger of God (formerly)
Location: Heaven, Earth, Asgard
Status: dead?
Relationships: Lucifer, Michael, Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Kali
Fandom: Supernatural
Other: played by the actor Richard Speight Jr.
Gabriel by andlatitude (2013)
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Gabriel is a recurring character on Supernatural. Despite not appearing in very many episodes, Gabriel is one of the most popular SPN characters, after the brothers and Castiel.

Canon Background

Gabriel is the youngest of the four archangels (the others are Raphael, Lucifer, and Michael).

Gabriel first appears as an unnamed Trickster, a class of pagan demigods, in the season 2 episode "Tall Tales"[1] and the season 3 episode "Mystery Spot".[2] He is revealed to be an archangel in the season 5 episode "Changing Channels".[3] He dies in season five, after only four appearances.

He is brought back briefly as an illusion created by Metatron in the season 9 episode "Meta Fiction".

In Season 13, Gabriel returns for five episodes. He travels to the Apocalypse World with the Winchester brothers to rescue his nephew, Jack. It appears that Gabriel is killed during a confrontation with his brother Michael.

In Fandom

Gabriel was the first angel that was ever introduced, and once it was revealed that the reoccurring Trickster character was, in fact, an archangel, the fandom latched on and a lot of interesting Meta started to go around. Due to Gabriel's tendency to mess with the boys and his attempts to teach them lessons whenever he encounters them, many fans decided that Gabriel as a character was worth exploring.

Despite his lack of screentime, Gabriel is a popular character in the Supernatural fandom. This is in part due to actor appeal, with Richard Speight Jr. often appearing at cons. It may also be due to the popularity of ships featuring Gabriel. When Gabriel returned in Season 13, there was a rise in fics featuring him, including fix it fics.

Common Pairings

The most common pairing involving Gabriel is Sam/Gabriel, which is the third most popular slash pairing in the Supernatural fandom according to AO3 rankings.[4]

Sometimes Gabriel is also paired with Dean (Dean/Gabriel). There are also many angelcest works featuring Gabriel, including Gabriel/Balthazar, Castiel/Gabriel and Gabriel/Lucifer.


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