The Trumpeter

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Title: The Trumpeter
Publisher: Breanne (@smoreyellow)?
Editor(s): Breanne (@smoreyellow)?
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2018/2019
Medium: print, PDF
Size: 40+ pages, 10″ x 10″
Fandom: Supernatural
Language: English
External Links: tumblr, myshopify
The Trumpeter.png
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The Trumpeter is a Gabriel zine in the Supernatural fandom. It consists of fanart submitted by multiple artists.

It was organized on Tumblr in 2018, with print copies estimated to be shipped in March 2019 (originally planned for February).[1][2] Three options were made available for preorder in November 2018: print zine bundled with fannish merchandise (buttons, stickers, postcards), print zine only, or a pdf.[3]


The Trumpeter is a fanzine dedicated to the Archangel Gabriel from Supernatural with all profits going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in honor of Richard Speight Jr. It features 30+ unique, full color illustrations by 30 talented artists, available digitally or as a 10″ x 10″ perfect bound book.[3]


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