Meg Masters

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Name: Meg Masters
Occupation: Demon, Nurse
Title/Rank: Former servant of Lucifer and Azazel
Location: Hell
Status: Deceased
Fandom: Supernatural
Other: played by the actor Rachel Miner
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Meg Masters is a character on Supernatural. She is a demon who is named after the body she first took when she appeared in Supernatural. Following the death of her host body, Meg is exorcised and returns to hell. She returns in a new vessel but retains the name Meg.

Meg went rogue, following Lucifer's imprisonment and Crowley's ascension as King of Hell. She sometimes formed uneasy alliances with the Winchester brothers and the angel Castiel when they shared a common goal.

In Fanon and Fanworks

Meg is most commonly paired with the angel Castiel. This pairing is known as Megstiel.

Works set during Meg's possession of Sam Winchester's body often include noncon or dubcon elements. Other works pairing Meg and Sam often include a soulless or dark Sam.

Example Fanworks

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