SPN Femslash Mini-Bang

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Name: SPN Femslash Mini-Bang
Date(s): 2014 -2015
Moderator(s): cheerleadingsam, femmod
Founder: cheerleadingsam
Type: Mini-Bang - fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: https://spnfemminibang.livejournal.com/; archive link
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SPN Femslash Mini-Bang was a mini-bang challenge in Supernatural, that focused on femslash pairings. Writers had to write a story that was a minimum of 10,000 words.



Title: Scarlet Cross
Authors LJ Username: lottielovebuzz
Artists LJ Username: capricorn_child
Pairing(s): if more than one, list main pairing first Anna Milton/Jo Harvelle, side Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 53,343 words
Summary:When Anna is captured by the angels, and forced into jail for "retraining" or torture, depending on who you ask, she has doesn't believe she'll ever get out. However, one day, when the apocalypse has come and gone, the rise of the leviathans and their subsequent fall, and the angels nearly being expelled from heaven, they come to her. She'll be free to leave her prison and considered obedient once more, if she goes to hell - alone - and rescues a soul. A soul that just happens to be that of Jo Harvelle.
Warnings: Torture, Graphic description of torture, Aftermath of Torture, Jo in Hell, Canon Divergence, Canonical Character DeathMinor Character Death, Mention of Character Death, Major Character Injury

Title: We Are Stars
Author's LJ Username: wincechesters
Artist's LJ Username: waywardwhisper
Pairing(s): Anna Milton/Jo Harvelle, Charlie Bradbury/Dorothy Baum (background)
Rating: M
Wordcount: ~24K
Summary: Anna is well on her way to assuming her place at her father's corporation when she runs away with nothing but a backpack full of clothes, her sketchbook and a wad of cash she's saved up and stolen from her father's safe. She doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, but knows she has to get away from her father's strict household and the plan he has for her. She doesn't make it very far before she meets Jo, a drifter spending her life on the road, making money off the deadbeats and truckers she hustles at dive bars. On a whim, Jo offers to drive her to California and Anna agrees. Even though they both know it's temporary—just until Jo gets Anna to California—they can't seem to stay out of each other's orbit. Somewhere between the breakdown in Oklahoma and a day spent hiking the Grand Canyon, they find themselves becoming more than just two girls on the same road trip.
Warnings: None

Title: If There's a Bustle in Your Hedgerow
Authors LJ Username: clotpolelis
Artists LJ Username: dubiousca
Pairing(s): Charlie Bradbury/Jo Harvelle
Rating: T
Wordcount: 13k
Summary: Charlie didn't expect her little networking project to do much more than let her email her LARP group from Oz. But then, things never quite go as expected. Or, how Jo and Charlie save the day through creative programming, iffy spellwork, and breaking all the rules.
Warnings: None

Title: Of Drugs and Lingerie
Authors LJ Username: lonelylibrarian
Artists LJ Username: dizimart
Pairing(s): Bela x Abaddon, Bela x Meg
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: 10,149
Summary: Bela watches the steam fog in the mirror as she waits for her shower to heat up, admiring the way the steam curls through the air and almost suffocates her. She spends an extra minute in the shower, washing off dried blood from her hands and watching it curl down the drain mixed with suds. Bela loves the routine of her mornings, loves knowing exactly what she'll do every morning and exactly how it's going to go. She's gone through the motions so many times that she can let her thoughts wander as she gets dressed and makes herself coffee. She watches the stark white of cream swirl into her coffee, as she debates the best route to get to her pick up location today. Or, the one where Bela is a drug dealer and Abaddon is a stripper.
Warnings: drug mentions/usage, murdering, guns, blood, and panic attacks Pretty much anything that could be found in an episode of Breaking Bad.

Title: Gonna Be My Bruise
Author: ilostmyshoe
Artist: nevertoldmewhat
Pairings: Charlie/Jo
Rating: Explicit
Words: ~24k
Summary: Charlie Bradbury’s first brush with the supernatural happened years before she fought leviathans with the Winchesters. It all started when she met a cute blonde working at a bar in a small college town. What began as a simple crush grew into something more, and Charlie found herself pulled into a confusing world of mystery and danger. It was only much later, after meeting the Winchesters and reading the Supernatural books, that Charlie began to understand who the love of her life really was. This is their story.
Warnings: canon compliant, angst, lots of fluff and nerdy references, ptsd, panic attacks, references to canon character death

Title: Doorways to Doubt
Authors LJ Username: samanthapin
Artists LJ Username: brokensigils
Pairing: fem!Dean/Castiel
Rating: M
Wordcount: 46k
Summary: Since she was young, Castiel has been working alongside her brothers and sisters to make the world a safer place. By eliminating dangerous people, they protect those who are innocent. It's a good fight, a noble cause: Castiel has never had any reason to question the guidance of her oldest brother. When Castiel is given orders to break into a prison and free a woman named Deanna Winchester, she does so without hesitation - but doubt soon creeps in. Encouraged by Dean and by two of her own siblings, Castiel begins to second-guess orders, and to wonder if Michael’s goals are really as altruistic as they seem. As her strange friendship with Dean grows, so do her doubts, and soon Castiel finds herself having to decide if she will support her brother as she always has, or protect her new family instead. (Or, the one where both Castiel and Dean are humans, ladies, and serial killers, struggling together through a swamp of moral ambiguity.)
Warnings: violence, death, murder, nonspecific mentions of past abuse

Title: Underneath Our Masks
Author: charla8897 | ivory_angel99
Artist: msdoomandgloom | ms_doomandgloom
Pairing(s): Ruby/Bela, Gabriel/Dean, Bela/Abaddon (One-sided), Ruby/Meg (past)
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 27518
Summary: Ruby is a faery who is the Seelie Queen’s most trusted adviser, spending much of her time running errands and maintaining her queen’s honor. While on a reckless trip to Earth, Ruby is tortured by humans until a sympathetic one stumbles upon her and frees her. Ruby returns to the Seelie Court convinced she will never see the human, Bela, again; however, barely more than a day later she stumbles into Ruby’s own dangerous world with a favor to ask, and unknowingly captures and warms the faery’s neglected heart. Searching for a way to get Bela back home, Ruby has to protect her from those that would seek to harm her while also making the biggest decision of her existence: going against her own kind or letting Bela perish in the world she once called home.
Warnings: Faery AU, Some language and violence, Mentions of torture, Minor Character Death

Not A Bad Thing
Author: dumplingdean
Artist: casbloom
Pairing: fem!dean/fem!cas background: charlie/gilda, hael/meg, fem!gabriel/kali. mentions of past: fem!dean/lisa, fem!cas/tessa.
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 28k+
Summary: In which Bela makes a bet that Castielle can't have a one-night stand. Castielle proves her wrong of course, and wins the bet, but then she ruins it all when she asks the girl to spend the night. Or the one where Cas is a photographer and Deanna is a workaholic who can't seem to slow down.

Art by omano27 for the fic Honey Tree

Title: Honey Tree
Author LJ Username: felicias_day
Artists LJ Username: omano27
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Meg/Charlie, implied Dean/Castiel, Dorothy/Charlie, Meg/Castiel (mentioned)
Warnings: Minor Character death (though they are a MAIN character in the show), Blood/Violent scenes
Word Count: 16,404

Title: Hell's Bells
Authors LJ Username: safiyabat
Artists LJ Username: disreputabled0g
Pairing(s): Meg/Abaddon
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 16,603
Summary: When Meg is revived over a year after her apparent death at Crowley's hands she's startled to learn that the immensely powerful demon who disappeared back in 1958 has returned and is making a run at the usurper's throne. Of course she's all in when it comes to helping to take the smarmy bastard down - but can there be something else there? Warnings: Gore, blood, violence somewhat beyond show-level and demons behaving like demons.

Art by dollarformyname created for the fic No Apple Pie Life

Title: No Apple Pie Life
Authors LJ Username: isis_mcgee
Artists LJ Username: dollarformyname
Pairing(s): Jess/Lisa
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 24,488
Summary:Crowley kidnaps Ben as insurance that Dean will go after Abaddon and Cain and not him as soon as they find the first blade. Lisa’s going to get her son back and Dean is going to go after whoever he's supposed to go after (Lisa’s words, not his). Dean can't stand the idea of Lisa trying to do this alone, but Sam’s not letting him go after the last remaining Knights of Hell on his own, even if they're not seeing eye-to-eye right now. Thankfully, there's someone else that can come help Lisa get Ben back, someone fresh out of Heaven: Jessica Moore. A SPN Femslash Minibang Fic with road maps, pool hustling, and a life that neither of these women were supposed to have.
Warnings: Canon levels of violence, explicit f/f sex

Title: Mint Condition Limited Edition
Authors LJ Username: cassieandco
Artists LJ Username: guu_dammit
Pairing(s): Charlie/Dorothy
Rating: Gen
Wordcount: 21978
Summary: Salt & Burn Comics wasn't the best comic book shop in Seattle. Well okay, it wasn't even in the top ten, but hey, it probably wasn't the worst right? Alright, the sales were waning, and they hadn't had anyone but their regulars come in for a few weeks, but Charlie was proud of her little shop, dammit. Starting your own business right out of college wasn't easy, but she did it, and didn't need anyone’s help... or so she thought, until a beautiful woman named Dorothy waltzes into her shop and says that she works for Leonard Baum, one of the most successful graphic novelists of the year, and that he wants to make his first public appearance in her shop. In between saving her shop, fangirling over Baum, and teasing Dean about his crush on the dreamy accountant down the street, Charlie falls a little bit in love with the woman who suddenly fits snuggly into every corner of her life.
Warnings: Mentions of canon death, mentions of homophobia

Title: First Dates Are Like Homeless Vagrants
Authors LJ Username: stigmatasam
Artists LJ Username: robinrings
Pairing(s): Claire Novak/Krissy Chambers
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 30,543 words
Warnings: Explicit sexual content; self-harm; suicide attempts; catatonia; mental illnesses; mental asylum
Summary: Claire Novak is at an insane asylum, repeatedly trying to kill herself. The grace inside her keeps her alive while killing the other patients instead. Krissy Chambers goes undercover as an intern at the hospital to investigate the deaths and finds the girl with stardust in her veins.

Title: Like I’ve Never Been Gone
Author’s LJ Username: firefly124
Pairing: Charlie/Anna
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: ~14,600
Summary: Anna is a journalism student, and she loves it, she really does. What she does not love is this assignment from the weird last-minute visiting professor. Her research skills are good, but she knows when she needs help, so she calls up Charlie Bradbury, the computer tutor who promises to be able to teach anybody to find anything. Warnings: canon-divergence
Notes: Title is from a Robert Plant solo song. Many thanks to my beta laiksmarei for her help in cleaning this up. Any remaining errors are mine, all mine!

Title: There Will Come Soft Rains
Authors LJ Username: hiza_montmore
Pairings: Krissy Chambers/Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak/Amelia Novak, Dean Winchester/Lisa Braeden (in past), Sam Winchester/Amelia (in passing), Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating: T
Wordcount: 23,243
Summary: Claire Novak's father and uncle brought down the old corrupt government in their country and installed a new one. The daughter of a revolution, beloved by her country and family, she is more than willing to accept marriage into the last true monarchy on Earth, run by one King Dean Winchester, as a way of keeping an old treaty alive and well. Claire is marrying Kirstiana, the second child, a headstrong girl with all of Dean's stubbornness and her mother's beauty. When Claire arrives, she finds a family drowinging in confusion and King Dean Winchester's alcoholism. She struggles to find balance, and settles into routine, broken up after an attempt on her life. As Claire tries to navigate her way through the complicated, and frankly sometimes bizarre, cultural ideals of the people she will become princess of, she must also find a way to woo her soon to be wife away from soon-to-be-mistress Aidan, who's using Krissy for his own advancement.
Warnings: Unhappy marriages, arranged marriages, discussions of alcoholism, attempted murder


Title: Absolute
Author name: kindofgooddemon/cosimacormiere
Artist name: fromthatedge
Genre: romance, psychological
Rating: M
Warnings: schizophrenia, mental illness, mental hospital, suicide attempt, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia
Summary: Six months ago, Anna Milton met Ruby in a mental health clinic. Four months ago, they fell in love. Three months ago, they vowed to leave together. One month ago, one of them was gone.

Title: Somehow, Somewhere, Someway
Author: firefly124
Artist: isis_mcgee
Pairing(s): Charlie/Jo, past Jo/Dean, mentions of Dean/Cas
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 11770
Summary: Jo’s about had it with their crappy dorm and so has Charlie. When Gabriel Novak’s Fortune 500 company offers off-campus housing and a free ride for one year to any team of two people who can successfully complete a set of challenges, she's all for it. There's just a couple of problems. The challenges are weird, and the stress of trying to complete them in the middle of finals is triggering some really horrifying dreams, not just for her but Charlie too. Horrifying dreams that seem entirely too real, but couldn't possibly be. Could they?
Warnings/Kinks: canon-compliant through 10x23 including canon character deaths, fix-it fic

Title:Someone I have Never Been (And I Have Been Everyone)
Author and Artist LJ Username: isis_mcgee
Pairing(s): Anna x Ruby
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 37.988
Summary: Anna Milton is a socialite party girl who just wants to experience everything, despite the fact that her parents have a plan for her to uphold the family image. Ruby Morgenstern is the perfect daughter who wants to help her father's business ventures on both the legitimate and illegal sides of the law. The two of them have never been close, but when Anna gets in trouble and Ruby sees the opportunity to knock the Miltons down a few pegs, she takes it. However, Ruby never expected her feelings to morph into something else entirely. A SPN Femslash Minibang for 2015 involving truth or dare, crime families, and skydiving.
Warnings: Drug use, explicit sex, non explicit sex between non-main pairing, alcohol

Title: You Best Believe I'm Yours
Authors LJ Username: wincechesters
Artists LJ Username: psynatural
Pairing(s): Kristen/Siobhan, Castiel/Dean Winchester (heavily discussed)
Rating: T
Wordcount: 13891
Summary: Kristen's mom would probably kill her for wasting energy on something like the school musical when she should be working on bringing her grades up and applying for colleges, but she just had to audition when she found out they were performing Supernatural for the musical this year. When she gets the part of Castiel, a character she identifies with more strongly than any other, she's never been happier—until she discovers that the actor playing Dean Winchester is none other than Siobhan, the girl she's had a crush on for two years. Kristen’s done a good job keeping her feelings hidden, but suddenly she's playing the part of a love-struck angel opposite the girl she's practically in love with already, and Kristen is so totally screwed. (Canonverse, pre-episode 10x05)
Warnings: Spoilers for S4/5, 10x05

Title: Best Laid Plans
Author LJ Username: powerfulweak
Artists LJ Username: obnoxiousamy
Pairing(s): Fem!Gabriel/Fem!Sam, Lucifer/Fem!Sam, Brief Dean/Castiel,
Rating: M
Wordcount: 27,611
Summary: Gabrielle Milton enjoys what she does: planning weddings and making dreams come true. She talks down bridezillas and settles family disagreements with just a few choice words, ensuring that every couple she meets gets the fairytale they want, even if a wedding is the last thing wants for herself. However, when Samantha Winchester, bride-to-be of Gabrielle’s former classmate Luke “Lucifer” Park, walks into her office, her world is turned upside down, and all of Gabby’s plans are tossed out the window.
Warnings: Infidelity, Angst,

Title: Nations of the Homeless
Author name: stigmatasam
Artist name: fromthatedge
Genre: angst; hurt/comfort; romance
Pairing: Claire Novak/Krissy Chambers; Jesse Turner/Claire Novak
Rating: R
Word count: 29,744 words
Warnings: major character deaths, violence, mild sexual content
Summary: Krissy Chambers goes to search for Claire after her disappearance after the angels fall. Jesse Turner, feeling he must do something, goes after Claire as well, the girl he's begun to love from afar. And Claire Novak continues her vengeance on the angels, collecting their graces, while learning having so many in one place can be damaging to a vessel.

Title: Extraordinaire
Author's LJ Username: holyhael
Artist's LJ Username: nosignofwings
Pairing(s): Hael/Claire
Rating: pg-13 (for language)
Wordcount: 19k
Summary: She doesn't hear the woman’s footsteps, but the next thing Hael knows, the curtain is pulled back by a tall woman in patterned scrubs. Her eyes - burning, familiar - transfix Hael, and she knows. “You’re not a nurse,” Hael says. The woman sort of smirks. “And you’re not a human. Not really.” Then what is she? Is she anything at all? She feels human. She feels fear pounding against her chest, making every humid breath she takes in shallow, widening her eyes, closing up her throat. She's never been conscious of her own mortality before; it was different with on the side of the road with Castiel - she didn't see the blade coming. There won't be any coming back if she dies this time.
Warnings: none

Title: BreakAway
Authors LJ Username: lyonessofavalon
Artists LJ Username: doublettea
Pairing(s): Sarah/Bela, Jess/Ruby, Sam/Jess (implied), Dean/Anna (implied)
Rating: PG/Teen
Wordcount: 12,783
Summary: Bela has been shackled to a clan of druids for ten years, working as a thief to pay off a debt. Promised her final mission, she must steal a magical item from a well-guarded castle. When she begins to fall for the princess, Bela makes a dangerous mistake. Now she must decide which is more important: her soul and her freedom or the safety of Sarah and all of Britain.
Warnings: canon typical violence, sexual harassment, implied child abuse (canon compliant)

Title: Heaven Go Easy On Me
Authors LJ Username: whydidntigtsoup
Artists LJ Username: chromaticwish
Pairing(s): Jo/Anna
Rating: M (on AO3 scale)
Wordcount: 10,111
Summary: Jo is a lesbian who is invited to a showing of Peter Pan by a cute classmate who's playing Wendy. But when she gets to the play, she is immediately taken by the girl playing Peter. Because they always have a girl playing Peter. After the show, Jo sees the girl in an alley smoking and Jo takes the opportunity to introduce herself. The rest of the story is them spending time together and forming a romance that Jo is convinced will never happen, especially not with a bisexual girl like Anna.
Warnings: no kinks, food mention, swimming, drinking, parties, acting drama, slight biphobia

Title: Do All Things But Forget
Author's LJ Username: wickedthoughts1
Pairings: Naomi/Abaddon, Naomi/Raphael, Dean/Castiel (Unrequited)
Rating: M
Wordcount: 27,854
Summary: When your entire existence revolves around your mission, it's important to remember what the mission really is. Or, if angels weren't meant to feel or choose, than why can they do both so passionately?
Warnings: Mind Control, Memory Alteration, Brainwashing, Torture, Manipulation, Euthanasia, Suicidal Ideation, Blood, Canon-Typical Violence, Self-Harm, Vessel Consent Issues, Non-Consensual Kissing, Blasphemy, Canonical Character Death, Minor Character Death, Explicit Sex, Explicit Language, 8x17 Crypt Scene

Title: The Road to Samostan
Author's LJ Username: zubeneschamali
Artist's LJ Username: dylogger
Pairing(s): Adrianne Palicki/Genevieve Cortese
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 14,669
Summary: Genevieve is pledged to the Order of Sana, ready to make one last journey from her home to the desert monastery at Samostan to devote her life to the Creator. The road is long and dangerous, and the mercenaries who have been hired to escort her and her sisters are nothing like she expected. For one, some of them are women. And Adrianne in particular is completely unlike anyone Genevieve has ever known or even imagined could exist. It's a long road to Samostan, and a lot can happen along the way—maybe enough to make Genevieve question everything she's ever known about the world and her place in it.
Warnings: none

Title: Fragile As We Lie
Author's LJ Username: peridium
Artist's LJ Username: huntuer
Pairing: Anna Milton/Bela Talbot
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 10,992
Summary:Dragging Bela Talbot out of perdition isn't so much a decision as it is a frantic choice based on gut instinct. Her soul is bright, if fractured, and Anna yearns to do good again after the perversion of free will that immediately preceded her death. Bela's no ordinary human, though; she's prickly and damaged and beautiful, and Anna doesn't want to leave her side. So maybe they can figure out how to navigate post-resurrection, post-Apocalypse-that-wasn't Earth together.
Warnings: Some discussion of Hell trauma.

Title: Queen of All My Dreams
Authors LJ Username: kittyaugust
Artists LJ Username: isis_mcgee
Pairing(s): Abaddon/Deanna Winchester (fem!Dean), Anna Milton/Deanna Winchester (fem!Dean), implied/referenced past Destiel, implied unrequited Wincest.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 17,039 (3 chapters)
Summary:Two worlds, two nephilim, one angel, one demon, and one choice. Match Made in Hell: Deanna's life is falling apart. Her kid is the most powerful nephilim the world has ever seen and she won't be able to keep her worst secrets for much longer. Her little brother is possessed by an angel (again) and doesn't even know it. And now she's kind of hooking up with the wannabe queen of Hell... this isn't gonna be a good day... Heaven Sent: In another, softer place Deanna doesn't have the Mark at all. She has a little sister with a lot of problems but she also red-haired angel in her arms and a tattoo where a darker version has the first curse. It's a place where the Men of Letters bunker has given her a home, a wife, and (thanks to a short vessel swap) a planned and wanted child. It's almost too good to be true. This is a story about what happens when those two worlds collide.
Warnings: Major Character Death, implied BDSM, Blood play, Rule 63, Parallel Universes, Disrupted Narrative

Title: Burden of Proof
Author: capricorn_child
Artist: doublettea
Pairings: Bela Talbot/Anna Milton, past Bela Talbot/Ruby, secondary Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 38k
Summary: Detective Anna Milton is part of an elite taskforce dedicated to bringing down the mafia controlling New York City. It's impossible without the help of an informant – Bela Talbot, who's in too deep with Lilith's criminal network and desperate for a way out. Falling for Bela was never in the plan. Then again, neither was a failed sting operation that leaves Anna's idealistic young partner shot and left for dead. Lives hang in the balance, and Anna must decide who she can trust and what she will sacrifice to end Lilith's reign.
Warnings: one rape scene, allusions to canonical child abuse, canon-typical violence, alcohol, brief drug use, off-screen torture, homophobic language, minor character death.

Title: A Dinner Party Murder
Authors LJ Username: huntuer
Artists LJ Username: coraliance
Pairing(s): Jo/Anna
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 11693
Summary: Anna Milton is the rebellious daughter of an old money London family: at a party hosted by one of her mother’s friends, she watches a childhood friend, Jane Charles, fall dead into her soup, poisoned. Meanwhile, across town, Jo Harvelle is on edge: running a gay bar in the seedier parts of the city isn't without its dangers. And now that one of her patrons (naturally, the only rich one) has been murdered, she's worried what will happen to her and her clients if the cops are smart enough to let the clues lead them here. So, with two very different motives, the two women find themselves working together to solve a murder: taking them from the world of the London elite that Anna can navigate, to the city’s dark underbelly that Jo knows so well, discovering that Jane Charles had a lot more secrets than either of them had imagined. They also find that they make a pretty good pair, in more ways than one.
Warnings: Murder, Drug Dealing, hypothetical mentions of homophobically motivated police brutality (which does not occur,) violence equal to that on Supernatural.

Title: Internal Affairs
Authors LJ Username: safiyabat
Artists LJ Username: dizimart
Pairing(s): Meg/Abaddon, Sam/Cara Roberts, Past Meg/Castiel, Past dub-con Sam/Crowley
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 31,924
Summary: AU - human. When Meg's father, Captain A. Z. Azel, was taken down for corruption, her nemesis Crowley took over the major crimes unit and Meg herself was reassigned to Internal Affairs - the least respected department in San Francisco. The more things change the more they stay the same, though - Major Crimes becomes the target of competing investigations, both by the Feds (as represented by the Winchester Brothers) and a stunningly gorgeous state prosecutor by the name of Abaddon. Can Meg convince these competing investigators to work together well enough to take down her arch-rival and take down a huge human trafficking ring?
Warnings: Violence, sexual content, reference to past dubcon. This fic deals with human trafficking.

Title: Don't Look Back
Author: zenightmareking
Artist: dylogger
Pairing: Charlie/Jo
Rating: T
Word count: 10k+
Summary: Charlie finds herself on the streets after running away. She finds herself meeting Jo Harvelle and the two stick together as they try to survive with various bumps with life as they fall in love and fight for their lives from disease and dangerous job careers.
Warnings: Blood, mentions of illegal activities, language

Title: Drifting
Authors LJ Username: youaregonecas
Artists LJ Username: obnoxiousamy
Pairing(s): Ruby/Anna, Dean/Cas, Jo/Charlie, previous Jo/Anna
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: 18.829 words
Summary: Anna doesn't know if she can handle it much longer. For years, she has felt broken and wrong. She's sad and lonely. After Jo left her because she couldn't handle Anna being asexual, there really wasn't a lot of things left for her to live for. And then comes Ruby, smiling and lovely Ruby. Ruby who cares and loves her.
Warnings: Mentions of suicide and suicide plans, depression, loneliness, Anna feeling broken, mentions of voluntary freezing to numb the pain, dark fic in general, asexuality, mention of questionable consent, asexual Anna, college au, disordered thought and eating, self-punishment, implied/referenced self harm, friends to lovers

Title: How Sweet the Sound
Author: domesticadvs
Artist: femmechester
Pairing: Naomi/Hannah
Rating: G
Wordcount: 11134
Summary: Naomi falls. She winds up in the dirt and the mud and the chaos of Earth. She winds up human and hurting. This isn't how she wanted her redemption to go. (post s8 divergent)
Warnings: Spoilers for s10