Castiel/Meg Masters

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Pairing: Castiel/Meg Masters
Alternative name(s): Megstiel, Holy Hell
Gender category: Het, M/f
Fandom: Supernatural
Canonical?: Semi-canon
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Castiel/Meg Masters is the semi-canon pairing of angel Castiel and the demon known as Meg Masters in the Supernatural fandom.



The pairing was originally referred to as Holy Hell. It was the first Angel/Demon pairing in the fandom. More recently, Holy Hell refers to the pairing of any angel with any demon, and the Cas/Meg pairing is more commonly referred to as Megstiel.

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Fix its are extremely common, given Meg's canonical death in Season 8. There are works where Castiel saves Meg, but also works where Meg is saved by another power. In some cases, Meg is returned to Earth without her memories. Sometimes she is no longer a demon, while in other works she is in a new body. Castiel often helps her deal with the trauma of her death.
  • All Human AUs place Meg and Castiel in a universe where there are no angels or demons, and these two aren't enemies.
  • Human Castiel works are often AUs set in season 9 when Castiel is human. Meg often tracks down her angel and helps him adapt to human life.


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  • In the Lethe by teaandchess, S8: Meg's death was final. She was to remain in a strange place of peace and forgetfulness until the darkness of her soul could be cleansed and renewed. Until something begins to tear her from it and the consequences slowly become more than any could imagine.
  • Leaving Fingerprints in the Dust on a Bowl of Rose Leaves by Isis_McGee, When Cas finds out that Meg is dead, he deals with his grief by telling the stories of other lives they could have lived in other universes.
  • The Devil Had A Daughter by electricskeptic, She's devoted her whole existence to serving a cause; now that's all gone, and she should be terrified.



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