Megstiel Big Bang

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Name: Megstiel Big Bang, MegCas Big Bang
Date(s): 2014 - 2019 (No Bang in 2016)
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
URL: (old blog)
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The Megstiel Big Bang, or MegCas Big Bang, is a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom focused on the pairing of Castiel/Meg Masters. Writers were required to write 15,000 words the first year, but it was then lowered to 10,000 words and the option of doing a Mini-Bang of 5000 words. Artists were free to use whatever format they chose, but minimums were, Manips- 500x500px, Artwork- 500x500px, Digitial Artwork- 500x500px, Icons: 100x100px, Videos: a minimum of 1 minute and 30 seconds for Mini-Bang artists and a minimum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds for Big-Bang artists.



  • Leaving Fingerprints in the Dust on a Bowl of Rose Leaves by deanscoltm1911​ | Art by musingsofashley​
  • Sinners and Saints by witchanna | Art by khamuel
  • In Another Life by inkbleeder | (pinch-hit) Art by msdoomandgloom
  • Iris by daniqueeninabox | Art by waffle-girl15
  • Welcome to Gehenna. Can I Take your Order? by stabhimintheface
  • I’m Never Coming Down by dykeadellic | Art by anundefineddreamer
  • Remnants of Grace by littleangelcassie | Art by salesassociatesteve
  • The Summer Moon is Shining by maidenpool | Art by ryokoleigh


  • Through Everything by megstiel-is-my-otp | Art by girl-of-braids
  • Kidnapped by Space Pirates Wasn’t on the Agenda by dennyismydestiel | Art by salesassociatesteve
  • When The Day Met The Night by Inkbleeder | Art by powerbottomsammywinchester
  • with the birds (I’ll share this lonely view) by bendoverandbiteyourgag | Art by septembertuesday
  • The Univac and the Humanoid by brainsforbabyjesus | Art by maidenpool
  • Come Away O’ Human Child by skittythegreat and plumarum | Art by ryokoleigh and vetrina-271
  • Into The Woods by maidenpool | Art by msdoomandgloom


Art by dmsilvisart for the fic Diary of a Fake Nurse
  • All Over Again by inkbleeder | Art by emmatheslayer and megsamforever
  • Tiny Towns by casa-neurotica | Art by septembertuesday
  • He Wants My Soul, He Wants My Heart by samanddeaninpanties | Art by kuwlshadow
  • Diary of a Fake Nurse by skittythegreat | Art by dmsilvisart and megstielforever
  • Cover my Grave in Daffodils by maidenpool | Art by brutalmilkshake
  • All Shook Up by teaandchess | Art by oldmangrimes and knowmefirst


  • The Forgotten Demon by shippers-roost | Art by dmsilvisart
  • Coda by thevoidwouldbecalling | Art by kuwlshadow
  • (Let’s Be) Alone Together by inkbleeder | Art by supersquiddy
  • The Light Gets In by casa-neurotica | Art by ACNOGARET


  • Eyes of Emerald Green by babybluecas | Art by Huntress79
  • Loyalty by Gwenhwyfar1984 | Art by MoonDrenchedShores
  • Sanctuary by diablo77 | Art by MoonDrenchedShores
  • Begin Again by karlo1469 | Art by dmsilvisart
  • The Shield by BleedingInk | Art by Angel