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Journal Community
Name: Groped by an Angel - A Dean/Castiel Community
Date(s): Created 19 September 2008
Moderator: angel_kink, deancastielmod, extraonions, melanieathene, simithedemon, tracy, vichan
Founder: vichan?
Type: slash
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: deancastiel - Profile, Archived version; dreamwidth backup

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deancastiel is a livejournal community for fans of Dean/Castiel on Supernatural. It was founded within hours of the first episode with Castiel airing[1], and fans were posting fanfic by the weekend[2].

According to the profile page, almost any content related to the ship is allowed: "A home for Dean & Castiel EVERYTHING - fics, pics, icons, vids, discussion - you name it!"[3] RPF is not allowed, though a list of where to post RPF is provided. The profile page also describes a detailed spoiler policy before listing any other community rules. Posting is "semi-moderated"; "Members may be put on unmoderated posting for consistently following rules and guidelines, though members must keep in mind that unmoderated posting is a privilege and not a right."[3]

The community was backed up to Dreamwidth in April 2017, following LiveJournal's TOS change and server migration to Russia.[4] As of October 2018, the community has 15,354 posts; 85,999 comments; and 6,792 members.[3]


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  2. ^ Example: Season 4 Ficlet: Up From Perdition by vain_chan, posted 20 September 2008.
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