Team Free Will

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Character Group
Name: Team Free Will
Type: Fighters to prevent the Apocalypse
Fandom: Supernatural
Members: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
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Team Free Will is a quote from an episode of Supernatural that is used by fandom as shorthand for Sam and Dean Winchester's alliance with others to stop the Apocalypse. During the fifth season of Supernatural, the Winchester brothers' battle against Heaven and Hell to prevent the Apocalypse from happening was a major plotline. The brothers are joined by Castiel, a fallen angel, and Bobby Singer, a fellow hunter. The line comes from Dean Winchester, who sarcastically dubbed himself, Sam and Castiel as "Team Free Will" after Castiel collapses on a hotel bed: "One ex-blood junkie, one drop-out with 6 bucks to his name and mr. comatose over there." The phrase "Team" also contains a secondary meaning as it has been used by other fandoms to express their loyalty to a favorite pairing, ship or character (ex. "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward" from Twilight fandom). The TV show Supernatural often incorporates popular culture references, such as Buffy or Twilight into its dialog.

"Team Free Will" is also used sometimes to describe fan fiction featuring Dean, Sam and Castiel in a sexual relationship. The phrase has become a rallying cry for some fans and appears in numerous fan arts, fan-made T-shirts[1] and bumper stickers.[2]

In season 13, after the introduction of Jack Kline, the group's somewhat surrogate son, Dean dubbed them Team Free Will 2.0. After this many fans started to incorporate Jack into their TFW fanworks. Although, not everyone was a fan of Jack and so distinctions where made between the two by tagging fanworks either TFW or TFW 2.0.

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