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Synonyms: SuperWhoAvengeTorchLock, SuperWhoAvengerDeadLock
See also: crossover, SuperWhoLock, Superwho, Wholock, SuperLock, Avengewho
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SuperWhoAvengeLock is a crossover between the four fandoms Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Avengers and Sherlock, which has huge following on Tumblr.

The most popular form of fanwork are gif-sets made to look like scenes where characters from the different shows are interacting, but it has also inspired fanfic, fanart, and vids that are styles to look like a trailer.

SuperWhoAvengeTorchLock is the term used when Torchwood is added to the crossover, and SuperWhoAvengerDeadLock is when you add Dead Like Me to the crossover.

Example Fanworks


  • Avengers Extended by Kita42 - What happens when a certain man with a minor position in the British government decides that Fury needs to expand his team? This. Contains almost too many characters for me to keep track of. (May 2012 - June 2012)



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