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Synonyms: Whopernatural
See also: crossover, SuperWhoLock, Wholock, SuperLock, SuperWood, Pondlock, SuperWhoAvengeLock
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Superwho is a crossover between the two fandoms Doctor Who and Supernatural. This crossover has developed an audience on social media platforms such as Livejournal, Youtube, and Tumblr. The terms Superwho, SuperWhoLock, etc. are also used by audience members who are not interested in the crossover universe, to indicate that they enjoy the collection of series referenced in the portmanteau.

Superwho may have appeared online after the first canon reference was made in Supernatural the form of a Cyberman on the cover of Supernatural character Ronald Resnick’s Fortean Times magazine. The earliest known Doctor Who/Supernatural crossover fanfiction on is Catching A Breath by Lady Yueh, which was published October 12, 2007. On Archive of Our Own, the earliest known Doctor Who/Supernatural crossover fanfiction is Once More by sevenisles, which was published June 14, 2008.

Both Supernatural and Doctor Who have featured actor Mark Sheppard, causing theories to emerge regarding a potential link between Supernatural's Crowley and Canton Everett Delaware III of Doctor Who. Doctor Who's post-watershed spinoff Torchwood also has an actress in common with Supernatural. Caroline Chikezie, who played Ianto Jones's doomed girlfriend Lisa Hallett, appears in Season 3 of Supernatural as Tamara, part of a married hunting team. [1]

A popular form of fanwork are gif-sets made to look like scenes where characters from the different shows are interacting, but it has also inspired fanfic, fanart, and vids that are styles to look like a trailer.

The main characters in a Superwho are generally Dean and Sam Winchester as well as Castiel from Supernatural, and The Doctor (usually Ten or Eleven), Clara Oswald, Amy Pond, and Rose Tyler from Doctor Who.

Some of the common pairings are Dean Winchester/Rose Tyler, Doctor/Dean Winchester, Impala/TARDIS, Castiel/Jack Harkness, Amy Pond/Sam Winchester, and Amy Pond/Dean Winchester.


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