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A companion, in Doctor Who, is someone who travels through time and space (in the TARDIS) with The Doctor in one or more of his incarnations.

In canon, in most cases, the relationship between The Doctor and his companions is platonic, or if there are any romantic or sexual feelings, they are presumed to be one-sided (from the companion's) part and unrequited. However, New Who canon started veering away from those conventions.

Fans of Doctor Who have had very strong reactions to various canon companions of the Doctor, and have created many crossover fanworks that feature a favorite character from another canon (or a real person) being a companion of the Doctor's for a while.

Exactly who counts as a companion and who doesn't is a bit of a contentious issue. Some are quite obvious: Barbara Wright, Charley Pollard, Amy Pond. Others are generally considered to be such: River Song, Captain Jack Harkness. Others are... debatable, especially when the criteria for their inclusion also applies to other characters that aren't usually considered companions: Sara Kingdom, despite her brother Bret not counting, or Mike Yates or Adam Mitchell or Craig Owens or Astrid Peth. Do one-offs count? Do they have to have travelled in the TARDIS? The debates are seemingly neverending.

In canon, The Doctor's notable companions included:

Example Fanworks

Companions and their relationships with each other and/or The Doctor are the subject of many fanworks.