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Name: Bill Potts
Occupation: Doctor's companion, canteen worker
Location: the stars
Status: Sentient oil
Relationships: The Doctor (companion)
Heather (love interest)
Fandom: Doctor Who
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Bill Potts is a Doctor Who character. She is the companion of the Twelfth Doctor for the show's tenth series.

Bill is a lesbian, and is notable as Doctor Who's first openly gay companion.

Character Background


The most common pairing for Bill is the canonical Bill/Heather.

So. Here's the thing about Bill fic. There should totally be LOTS OF IT. But - there isn't. There are just under 300 fics on AO3, and most of them are... hmm. Here are the categories of stuff you will find in the Bill tag on AO3:

1) Bill is a tagged character in a Twelve/(Spoiler) fic but is very much background. (60%)
2) Tumblr fic about lesbian!Bill and asexual!Twelve going to Pride/having conversations about asexuality/dealing with homophobia and/or acephobia. The tags will be unintentionally hilarious. (30%)
3) Dramatic emotional fic about the finale two-parter. (10%)

-- comment at fail_fandomanon, 13 August 2017

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