Mickey Smith

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Name: Mickey Smith
Relationships: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones
Fandom: Doctor Who
Other: portrayed by Noel Clarke
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Mickey Smith is the sometime boyfriend of companion Rose Tyler, and later becomes a companion of the Tenth Doctor. He is portrayed by Noel Clarke.

Canon Background

Mickey is a black Londoner who grew up in the same councillor estate as Rose. He was raised by his grandmother (deceased) after his father left and his mother proved unreliable. He works as a car mechanic and is also very good with computers; his computer skills are used in several episodes to save the day. He appears frequently in the first two seasons of the reboot, first as the stay-at-home boyfriend who declines the Doctor's invitation to travel with him and Rose, but later as a regular companion.

Discovering his Gran still alive in a parallel universe, he chooses to stay behind with her and help free the world from the Cybermen when his own counterpart is killed by them. He returns to the Doctor's universe when the Cybermen punch a hole between the worlds, leading to the Battle of Canary Wharf, and again when Davros' reality bomb weakens the walls separating them. He finishes up in this universe with plans to work for Torchwood, and is last seen in the fourth season fighting aliens with former Doctor companion Martha Jones - who has also become his wife.

The character of Mickey, and Rose's mother Jackie Tyler, represented a change in how the Doctor's companions are treated. For the first time, a companion has a family and a life grounding her in the real world. For the first time, the companion's travels with the Doctor have real-world consequences for those left behind. When the Ninth Doctor accidentally returns Rose home a year late, Mickey is suspected of her murder.


Mickey is known in fandom for a dramatic character arc, moving from blubbering coward hugging Rose's knees, to second-string companion, to defender of humanity against the Cybermen in a parallel universe, to freelance alien hunter alongside wife Martha Jones.

Actor Noel Clarke enjoys trolling fans by posting photos of himself with fellow cast members on his Instagram.

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