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Title: WHOLOCK - Sherlock meets The Doctor!
Creator: John Smith
Date: December 11, 2013
Format: digital vid
Length: 5:27 min
Music: The Enigma Of River Song
Genre: gen
Fandom: Doctor Who/Sherlock BBC (WhoLock)
Footage: Doctor Who, Sherlock BBC, CGI manipulations

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WHOLOCK is a vid by John Smith created for the Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover that is also known as WhoLock. It mainly stars Sherlock Holmes and Eleventh Doctor, but John Watson also appears briefly.

As of December 22, 2013, the video has more than 1,452,600 views.

Vidder's note/Summary

" "Months after an encounter with a mysterious 'Doctor', Sherlock becomes obsessed with discovering more about this impossible man... until the man makes an unexpected return."
In anticipation of both the Doctor Who Christmas Special and the Third Series of Sherlock, I created a small crossover story. Though it may not be perfect, I'm still pretty happy with the results.
Hope you enjoy!."

Watch the VFX Breakdown here:

"Of the 85 shots in the final video, only two contained no VFX. Everything from clothing replacement to rotoscoping to full facial animation to a 3D TARDIS was used to create the illusion of a continuous story. And so, unlike the 50th Trailer, I could not simply remove a shot if it wasn't working very well, as every single angle was vital to the flow of the story.
Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere were the programs used in creating the visuals."



This is something we fangirls only thought existed in our imaginations. One of the most well made videos I have ever seen. I remember watching the trailer but never expected this. The creator, with a very clean execution of CGI animation, audio timing and script writing, has created a flawless short that brings two of our favorite characters in one room… or should I say Tardis…[1]
excellent editing you are a genius sir my hats off to you. Not just the way you manipulated the footage it was also the story you told. More give us more, you'll make a fortune mate.[2]
"though it may not be perfect" um, it's perfect. I can't see any masking, all shadows are believable, lip synccing is spot on, and dialogue, facial expressions, reactions, they are all realistic. you are amazing[3]
My geek-out went off the scale at first when I believed this was real, and then I saw the clever little lip manipulations - I was still thrilled to see Sherlock in the TARDIS mind! 8-D Please make more Wholocks like this, this has to be the most convincing I've seen next to A Study in Time.[4]


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