Reiner Braun

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Name: Reiner Braun
Occupation: Marleyan Warrior, Armored Titan, Soldier for the Survey Corps
Relationships: Karina Braun (mother) Gabi Braun (cousin)
Fandom: Attack on Titan
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Reiner Braun is a character in the manga and anime Attack on Titan.


Reiner Braun is the foil to the main character Eren Jaeger. Early on, he is shown to act like a big brother to all the other trainees, doing things like trying to help Armin carry his heavy pack[1] and protecting Connie from a Titan at Utgard Castle.[2] The rest of the 104th looked up to him due to his reliable nature and strength.



The most popular pairing for Reiner is Reiner Braun/Bertholdt Hoover, also known as Reibert. However, as the series progressed, a few other pairings have grown in popularity like Reiner Braun/Eren Jaeger and Reiner Braun/Porco Galliard.

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