Armin Arlert

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Name: Armin Arlert
Occupation: Commander of the Scout Regiment, Colossal Titan
Fandom: Attack on Titan
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Armin Arlert is a protagonist of the manga and anime Attack on Titan.




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Tropes and Themes


Armin Arlert/Eren Yeager (Eremin) - Being childhood friends with Armin just as he was with Mikasa, Eren and Armin share a strong bond as well, though their dynamic is quite different from Eren's relationship with Mikasa. While Mikasa is very protective over Eren and wholeheartedly devoted to being there for him, Eren plays that role when it comes to Armin. He has saved Armin from death and injury numerous times, and frequently expresses his sentiment for wanting to fulfill Armin's dream of seeing the sea with him.

Armin Arlert/Annie Leonhart (AruAni) - Though Annie was normally cold and distant to mostly everyone around her, her and Armin shared a friendlier bond early in the story, and there have been many times where mutual romantic feelings between the two were heavily implied. During the 57th Expedition and attack of the Female Titan, Annie (in her Female Titan form) saves Armin when he falls off his horse, raises his hood, and gazes affectionately at him before taking off. She saved his life knowing well that Armin would be smart enough to figure out the Female Titan's true identity and incite action against her, thus putting her entire mission as a Marleyan Warrior at risk, but her affections towards Armin were strong enough to outweigh those fears. While Annie was in her crystal form after the attack on Stohess District, Armin would visit her and speak to her often, and was once caught by Hitch Dreyse trying to affectionally touch her crystal. Later on, Armin confesses his feelings to Annie, asking her if she really did not know why he would go and visit her even after hearing all of Hitch's teasing. Annie blushed in response, which implies that she returned the feelings.

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