Hange Zoe

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Name: Hange Zoe, Hanji Zoe
Occupation: 14th Commander of the Survey Corps
Fandom: Attack on Titan
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Hange Zoe is a supporting character in the manga and anime Attack on Titan.




Hange Zoe's gender is the subject of some debate. Due to the ambiguity of Hange's character design and the absence of gendered pronouns in the original Japanese, their gender was unclear. A female voice actor was cast for Hange in the anime, leading some fans to believe they are a woman. However, when asked about the subject, Isayama the mangaka gave ambiguous answers, essentially saying that fans could interpret Hange's gender however they liked. This leads other fans to say that Hange is non-binary or even male.

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Tropes and Themes


The most popular ship involving Hange has been with Levi, their ship name being LeviHan. As can be seen in the story, as well as through remarks from Isayama himself, Hange and Levi share a very close, unique relationship with each other. The anime and manga show Hange being the overly excited and enthusiastic friend, while Levi balances it out with his bluntness, sarcasm, and teasing. Though their relationship may seem strange and outright cold on Levi's part, many avid LeviHan shippers believe their teasing interactions to be indicative of their feelings for each other. Furthermore, they share some intimate moments behind closed doors. According to Isayama, Hange is the only one to have ever seen Levi cry, and they confide in one another after tough scouting missions. It is also widely headcanoned that after Erwin Smith was killed in the retaking of Wall Maria, Hange and Levi leaned on each other for support after losing their mutual friend and respected commander.

Another very popular ship involving Hange is with Moblit Berner, who was Hange's assistant and almost always seen by their side. As Hange's assistant, Moblit continually expresses fear and genuine concern for their safety when they get involved in dangerous activities, particularly those involving Hange's Titan research. Ultimately, Moblit gives his life to protect Hange during the mission to retake Wall Maria, during which Moblit pushes Hange into a well and out of the blast range of the Colossal Titan's transformation, dying himself in the process of protect them.

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