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Synonyms: Protocreed, [PROTOCREED], Proto/Creed, Proto-Creed, AssType
See also: Alex Mercer/Desmond Miles, ProtoFamous
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ProtoCreed (also written as Protocreed, [PROTOCREED], Proto/Creed or Proto-Creed) is a crossover between the two video game fandoms Assassin's Creed and Prototype.

Most commonly the crossover manifests as the shipping of Desmond Miles (of Assassin's Creed) and Alex Mercer (of Prototype), but other ships are seen sometimes, for example Alex/Altaïr, Alex/Ezio, or Alex/Shaun. Non-shippy ProtoCreed fanworks also exist, but are relatively uncommon.


Assassin's Creed was first released on November 13, 2007, and Assassin's Creed II on November 17, 2009. Prototype was first released on June 9, 2009. By early 2010 the ProtoCreed crossover fandom was gaining traction. A club named "Proto/Creed" on y!Gallery existed since at least April 7, 2010:

Welcome to Proto/Creed!

There's no rules, just keep to the TOS.

This club was made mainly for the amount of Alex/Desmond fictions and artwork that is being produced by Prototype and Assassin's Creed fans. Please feel free to add in any other Prototype/Assassin's Creed crossover pairings as well. Also, was made for the user AyaDragonsheart for that she loves this pairing yet too busy to create the club and manage it herself.

So, you know the rules!

We do encourage tentacles!!! OHGODYES![1]

A deviantART group named "creed-prototype" was started April 13, 2010. Another group, AlexDes-Love, was founded January 23, 2011 to more specifically focus on the Alex/Desmond pairing.

On, Assassin's Creed is far and away the most common series crossed over with Prototype, while Prototype is the second most commonly crossed over with Assassin's Creed (with the #1 spot going to Assassin's Creed/Naruto fics).

Fan explanations for the crossover

This mix of worlds and characters just seems natural. Science and hoodies are to blame. [2]
men with hoodies are sexy <3[3]
If you were wondering why Protocreed is a thing, there is many reasons. One is the memory things. They both share memories that aren't their own and experience said memories. Another one is the whole 'against the government thing' and another is 'we can stealth into places and kill lots of people'.[4]

Crossover extension

Fanworks sometimes expand the crossover to also include characters from other game fandoms, especially games that involve an element of stealth or characters with hoodies. Aiden from Watch_Dogs, Delsin from inFAMOUS, the Hunter from Left 4 Dead, Simon from Cry Of Fear, and Garrett from Thief are some common ones seen joining Alex and Desmond in fanart.

Sample fanworks

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.


Some Prototype fans have complained that the Protocreed fandom constitutes a majority of content in the Prototype and Alex Mercer tags, thus making it difficult to find non-crossover Prototype content. Other complaints include that Protocreed fanworks are out-of-character,[5] or that almost all of it is slash.[6]


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