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Synonyms: ProtoFAMOUS
See also: crossover, ProtoCreed
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Example fanart from tumblr's #protofamous tag, showing Cole MacGrath/Alex Mercer. By the user mintsui.
ProtoFamous (also written as ProtoFAMOUS) is the term for any sort of crossover between the [PROTOTYPE] and inFAMOUS video game universes. Almost invariably the crossover focuses on the characters Alex Mercer (of Prototype) and Cole MacGrath (of inFAMOUS), as a pairing and/or a rivalry. However there are rare instances of other pairings, such as Alex Mercer/Delsin Rowe.[1]


The term seems to have arisen in early 2009, soon after the release of the first games in both series.[2][3]

Fan Perspectives

In 2009, two suspiciously similar games were released on the competing consoles of the 360 and the PS3. Both were low-key, dark, gritty and sandbox superhero games that encouraged players to choose between the paths of superhero and supervillain. They were [PROTOTYPE] and inFamous.

Naturally, fans were led to not only debate which is the better game… but, who would win in a fight? The walking biological superweapon known as Alex Mercer, or the electric-themed Spider-Man otherwise known as Cole MacGrath.[4]

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