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Developer:Ubisoft Montreal
Release date:May 27, 2014 (WD1)
November 15, 2016 (WD2)
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Watch_Dogs is an action-adventure video game series by Ubisoft with hacking and stealth gameplay elements. The first game is set in a fictionalized version of Chicago and stars protagonist Aiden Pearce. The second game is set in a fictionalized San Francisco Bay Area, and the protagonist is Marcus Holloway.

In June 2019, Ubisoft tweeted about an upcoming third game in the series, titled "Watch Dogs Legion".[1] At E3 2019 it was revealed that the protagonist is a retired assassin named Helen.

A film adaptation was announced in August 2013[2], but never came to fruition.

Ubisoft has placed small details in the Watch_Dogs games and in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag that indicate Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed take place in the same universe. One fan even pointed out an NPC in a pre-release teaser of WD1 who appears to be AC's Shaun Hastings.[3] In 2013-2014, Ubisoft representatives stated these were jokes/easter eggs, but content in the 2016 game Assassin's Creed: Origins seemed to confirm this shared universe as canon.[4]


Crossovers with other video game fandoms are common, including the Protocreed fanon verse.

Due to Aiden being codenamed "The Fox", many fanarts depict him with fox ears/tail or as an anthropomorphic fox.[5][6][7]


A common slash ship for the first game is Aiden/Jordi. For the second game, Marcus/Wrench is a popular ship.


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