Yuri Plisetsky

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Name: Yuri Plisetsky
Occupation: competitive figure skater
Relationships: Nikolai Plisetsky (grandfather)
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
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Yuri Plisetsky aka Yurio is a main character of the ice skating anime Yuri!!! on Ice.


Yuri is a figure skater making his senior debut (competing in the adult category for the first time). Because of their similar names, he initially antagonizes Yuuri Katsuki and encourages him to give up skating so there won't be "two Yuris in the same bracket". Later, when Victor Nikiforov travels to Japan, Yuri follows him, demanding Victor make good on his promise to choreograph a program for him. He continues to appear throughout the season at various tournaments as they both compete.


At the start of the show, Yuri is abrasive, brash, and acts out violently in anger. Although he is fiercely ambitious in his figure skating career, he seems to care little about making connections with other people, projecting an air of confident arrogance. During the year the anime spans, we slowly see his softer side, especially with people he comes to regard as friends rather than rivals.


Tropes and Themes

  • Cat imagery, or actual cats (Yuri has a pet cat in canon)
  • Fairy or fae themes, occasionally leading to Fairy Tale AU


Slash] ships generally predominate for Yuri. The most common pairing for Yuri is OtaYuri. Although their interactions in the anime are brief, post-canon fic is common for the pair.

Some fans have interpreted his attitude towards Yuuri as being indicative of a crush.

There is some controversy in the fandom regarding shipping Yuri with anyone, as he is 15 years old at the start of the anime (16 in the final episode).

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