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Name: dirgewithoutmusic (on AO3), ink-splotch (on tumblr)
Alias(es): Inky; E. Jade Lomax (used for publishing her books)
Type: fan writer, author
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Narnia, and many others
URL: dirgewithoutmusic on AO3 · ink-splotch on Tumblr
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dirgewithoutmusic, also known as ink-splotch or Inky, is a fan writer in Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Narnia, and assorted other fandoms.

One of her more famous series is we must unite within these walls or crumble from within ([1]), which includes eight pieces in defense of and explaining minor and major female characters in the Harry Potter series that receive a lot of hate.

She is also responsible for sortinghatchats ([2]), a personality sorting system based on the Hogwarts houses that is used as a lens to analyse characters in other fandoms.

Original fiction

E. Jade Lomax is the name used to self-publish her original novels, the Alliance Trilogy and the Leagues and Legends series. These books are available for free on her website and have a small but passionate following.

Example Fanworks

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