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Name: dirgewithoutmusic (on AO3), ink-splotch (on tumblr)
Alias(es): Inky; E. Jade Lomax (used for publishing her books and other media)
Type: fan writer, author
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Narnia, and many others
URL: dirgewithoutmusic on AO3 · ink-splotch on Tumblr
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dirgewithoutmusic, also known as ink-splotch or Inky, is a fan writer in Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Narnia, and assorted other fandoms.

One of her more famous series is we must unite within these walls or crumble from within ([1]), which includes eight pieces in defense of and explaining minor and major female characters in the Harry Potter series that receive a lot of hate.

She is also responsible for sortinghatchats ([2]), a personality sorting system based on the Hogwarts houses that is used as a lens to analyse characters in other fandoms. She and her cocreator share more about the system and sort characters in the accompanying podcast The Sorting Hat Chats (Castos), which is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Original Work

E. Jade Lomax is the name used to self-publish her original novels, the Alliance Trilogy and the Leagues and Legends series. These books are available for free on her website and have a small but passionate following.

She wrote an interactive fiction story Stay?(itchio link) which is published on itch.io.

In February 2021, her audio drama Second Star To The Left [3] began to be posted.

As of April 23, 2021, her short story, the moon asks a question, is the most kudosed original femslash work on Archive of Our Own.

Her Fanworks