the moon asks a question

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Original Fiction
Title: the moon asks a question
Author(s): dirgewithoutmusic
Date(s): Nov 15, 2016 (posted on tumblr)
Nov 28, 2016 (posted to AO3)
Length: 603 words
Genre: Original femslash
External Links: On Tumblr
On Archive of Our Own

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the moon asks a question is a work of original F/F fiction by dirgewithoutmusic. As of April 2021, it is the most popular "Original Work" in the F/F category on Archive of Our Own (when sorted by kudos).[1] The work is short, totalling 603 words, and is somewhat stylized like a children's story. The author tagged the work as, "i dunno friends, i think it might be a children's book, i'll let you know, fables and things."[2]

The story was originally written in response to a tumblr ask and has over 5000 notes on Tumblr.[3] It has 912 bookmarks, 204 comments, and 3540 kudos on AO3.[4]

The moon asks a question is also retold as a story in the audio drama Second Star to the Left, a story dirgewithoutmusic also worked on.

Reactions & Reviews

"I most definitely see this as being turned into a children's book. I actually had to read this a few times to imagine everything happening and paint all the little nuances in my mind, because despite the style and simplicity, it's layered with something deep and something that takes a few nights and days of watching the skies to really appreciate. Also, the messages being sent about love and relationships. I'm very impressed and really hope you partner with someone to make this into a panel or some other graphic representation."[5]

"the most adorable fable about love. MOON/OCEAN OTP!"[6]

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