A home for every season

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Title: a home for every season
Author(s): dirgewithoutmusic
Date(s): Dec 9, 2015
Length: 4,042 words
Genre: crossover
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia
External Links: AO3, Tumblr

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a home for every season is a 2015 Susan Pevensie-centric Narnia/Lord of the Rings crossover fanfic by dirgewithoutmusic. It was originally posted to Tumblr, where it has received over a thousand notes, before being posted to AO3, where it has over 40,000 hits and 6,000 kudos.

Reactions and Reviews

I think I like the ending best. I can really see Susan always looking for a way back to Narnia. I can definitely see her finding a doorway to someplace else instead and then still searching for a way back to the land inside the old wardrobe. But the ending was the best part, because she finally found her way and then chose to close it, I think that would really be the only way Susan would settle into the world she found herself in. I love that she found home even if she never returned to Narnia.

Ad I have to say that the idea of Susan and Eowyn as friends is a good one. And her befriending the Ents and placing herself between them and humans, and helping them look for the Entwives and learning to translate they're slow language is utterly amazing.

I love that Susan found her home at last. And I'm not left even the slightest bit sad.

Loved it.


This is beautiful. A mix, that should be contradictory but somehow isn't, between heartwarming and heartbreaking and I absolutely love it. The way Susan misses her siblings (especially Lucy) made me want to cry, but at the same time, the life she found is so beautiful and I'm glad she chose to stay with Eowyn. Your writing style is gorgeous! Your descriptions are absolutely gorgeous and so enjoyable to read! You conveyed emotions really really well, while also managing to move the story forward and feel totally in character. Thank you so much for writing!!!


I'm years late, but I just wanted to say that I adore this. You write almost as if you were Lewis himself with your wording and descriptions, and it's fantastic. I'm not one for crossovers usually, but this is an absolutely perfect mix of Narnia's whimsy and Middle-Earth's high fantasy. I think it's very fitting, really- the Inklings reunited in the digital age, if only through the memory of their works.


I think I've read this a dozen times--I love everything you write, particularly Susan--but until this time I never quite caught onto the fact that Susan /finds/ Narnia, in the end, when she's already found a home. (I'm afraid that makes me sound a bit thick, I think I thought it was just her imagination, again...) Anyway, that finding made me tear up, because while I see so much of myself in Susan, she's so much stronger than I would be. All of your works are so, so eloquent. Thank you so much.



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