Leagues and Legends

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Name: Leagues and Legends
Abbreviation(s): Beanstalk Trilogy
Creator: E. Jade Lomax
Medium: novel series (available online: )
Country of Origin: United States
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Leagues and Legends is a three-book series written by E. Jade Lomax. It tells the story of Jack, Grey, Laney and Rupert, adventurers in training at the Academy, and draws heavily on fairytales.

Negotiating Fanon and Canon

As the author is active in fannish spaces, she outlined certain conventions - tags she would track, and tags she would blacklist so as to give fandom a space independent from her if desired



While the fandom is small, the books are well-loved especially in fannish circles. See this manifesto in particular: little things about the beanstalk fandom

or: why you should read the leagues and legends by e. jade lomax

* almost everyone furiously recommends it to everyone they know — which is a heckuva endorsement * inky’s tumblr is a thing of gold and does it count as fanfic or a headcanon if the author does it? * constant flow of people getting into it in different ways, a bit like discworld – read boy with a scar first and love how canon “feels like fanfic” for beanstalk, or read the trilogy first and be delighted that the author also loves the same fandoms you do with oodles of fanfic to browse, or try the alliance trilogy (in what order? do you read the prequel last, or read chronologically? there are no wrong answers) or one stormy day in new providence

* if you’re the kind of person who takes book recs from tumblr, you probably already are the kind of person who will love beanstalk – diversity! fluff! lyrical prose! diverse worldbuilding! a super cool magic system! found family! experiments with nonchronological storytelling and fairytale trop inversion and the ballads and oh, the obituaries (...)

Shipping & Representation


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