Prince Among Wolves

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Title: Prince Among Wolves
Author(s): tylerfucklin (zimothy)
Date(s): Completed 2013-04-25
Length: 101,000 words
Genre: Alternate Universe
Fandom: Teen Wolf
External Links: on the AO3
Cover art by littleartbot (2014)

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Prince Among Wolves is a popular Derek/Stiles AU kidfic by zimothy. Stiles is a college student who takes a summer job babysitting for Derek Hale's children (one of whom is transgender). Derek is still a werewolf, as are his (OC) children.

The story was posted on the Archive of Our Own in 20 installments between October 2012 and April 2013. Among Teen Wolf fanworks on the AO3 as of 21 December 2014, the story has the second highest hit count (369467), third highest comment count (2390), third highest kudos count (11660), and sixth highest bookmark count (3992).

FelixFeroxFilia posted podfic of the first two chapters in January 2014.[1]


sterekcollection's rec on Tumblr:

Excellent - It deserves its place among the classic Sterek stories.[2]

makoyi's rec on Dreamwidth:

Adorable kidfic, sweet romance, parenting fic, one of Derek's kids is trans and Stiles is totally awesome about it and, eventually, Derek is too. Really a feel-good fic.[3]

The story got mostly positive attention on Goodreads, where users rated it 164 times, for an average of 4 out of 5 stars, wrote 36 reviews, and rated it second out of a list of 259 Sterek books.[4]

Sweet, and cute, and one of the most realistic stories with children I've ever read. I love how serious issues were dealt with in such a mature, and honest manner.[5]
This story is really a wonderful alternative universe find. This is very OK with me because I don't know all the cannon that goes with the show, therefore I can just revel in the characters and new story concepts.[6]
The thing with this fic is that Stiles' character just isn't believable.... Though the story itself was good, Stiles was a let and down making the overall fic quite difficult to enjoy.[7]

A Fail_Fandomanon reviewer didn't like it so much:

Prince Among Wolves is wildly popular and mind-bogglingly bad. I followed a recommendation and somehow read the whole thing in a malarial fever of badfic obsession, like a nightmare where you can't stop walking toward an oncoming train. The prose quality can be generously described as immature, the children are hideously artificial, and neither Stiles nor Derek, let alone any supporting character, ever manages an action, reaction, conversation, or decision that isn't in some way half-baked, adolescent, or maddeningly illogical, to the point where it's like the thing was written by a Conehead with a rom-com obsession, or a Third Rock from the Sun alien, back at the beginning of the show, when they couldn't actually mimic human behavior yet without ending up being cringe-inducing and kind of grotesque.[8]

A teen_wolf_anon reviewer took issue with it as well:

The writing is better than average, but to be honest I don't think this fic deserves the attention and praise it gets. The whole transgendered child issue is handled too heavily - more after school special and social justice like, the kids are fluffy as hell and unrealistic, but the worst part of this fic for me is SaintStiles. Stiles is my favorite character, to the point where a lot of the times I only care about him, and even I couldn't stand Stiles in this fic.[9]


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