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Fan Club
Name: Boston Star Trek Association (BTSA)
Dates: 1973-2001
Founder(s): Gail Abend and Donna Chisholm Nancy
Country based in: Boston-area, US
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
External Links: archived club website
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Boston Star Trek Association was a Star Trek: TOS fan club that began as a local chapter of S.T.A.R..

According to a listing in the Star Trek Lives!, it was founded August 31, 1973.

It, among other things, published the newsletters, Warped Mind and The Newsletter at the End of the Universe and the fiction zines One Trek Mind and Propulsion Emissions.

In March 1974, it had 79 members. In November 1974, it had 130 members. In 1976, it had 170 members.

The fan club also put on The BASH, a Star Trek convention.

From an early usenet ad posted to net.sf-lovers in 1985:

"A science fiction media convention will be taking place on November 2-3 1985 at the Ramada Inn in East Boston off the McClellan Highway past Logan Airport. This convention is run by the Boston Star Trek Association, a group that has been in the area for about twelve years. This year marks the ninth anniversary of their convention. The con itself is not limited to Star Trek, although that topic is very much present in the programming.

This years guests are Grace Lee Whitney who played Yeoman Janice Rand in "Star Trek". Also appearing are Robert Englund of "V" and Jonathon Banks of "Other World". (Banks was also in the movie BEVERLY HILLS COP as the henchman who killed Axel Foley's friend.)

For further information send a self addressed stamped envelope to BSTA-BASH, P.O. BOX 1108, BOSTON MA 02103-1108."[1]

The fan club continued to advertise their event online. From an ad listing which was posted to alt.fandom.cons in September 1991:

"January 24-26, 1992 (Massachusetts). BASH '92. Sheraton Tara Hotel, 37 Forbes Road, Braintree, MA;(617)848-0600; rms $87. GoH: Colm Meaney; Guests: T.J. Glenn, Shirley Maiewski, Ed Miarecki. Multi-media SF Convention emphasising Star Trek: The Next Generation. Dealers, Videos, Banquet, Panels, Charity Auction, Costuming."

The March 11-13, 1994 BASH which was to have been held at the Sheraton Tara Hotel, Braintree MA was canceled. The even was resumed in April 1995.[2]

The club shut down on January 1, 2001. At the time it had been the longest running Star Trek fan club.


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