The Coyote Kid

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You may be looking for Coyote, a Star Trek Voyager zine.

Title: The Coyote Kid
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press & Wizard Works & Delta Triad Products
Date(s): 1988-?
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Hardcastle and McCormick
Language: English
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The Coyote Kid is an AU series of gen anthologies of fiction by D.D. Brischke.

From the publisher, "Will the Old West ever be the same? Join Mark "The Coyote Kid" McCormick and Milton "Hunt 'Em, Hear 'Em, Hang 'Em" Hardcastle."

Also from the publisher: "Return with us now to those golden days of yesteryear, when Judges were Judges and Outlaws were hung, er.... hanged. It's Mark "The Coyote Kid" McCormick and Milton "Hunt 'Em, Hear 'Em, and Hang 'Em" Hardcastle against the bad guys in D.D. Brischke's side-splitting alternate universe novel. "

Issue 1

The Coyote Kid 1 was published in February 1988 and contains 55 pages. Cover and interior art is by Jim Flood.

cover of issue #1, by Jim Flood
  • No Noose Is Good Noose (1)
  • Pardon My Smoke (11)
  • That Was No Lady, That Was My Strife (25)
  • Nobody's That Perfect (41)

Issue 2

The Coyote Kid 2 is subtitled, "The Coyote Kid Returns." It was published in 1990.

cover of issue #2

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

The Coyote Kid 3 is subtitled, "The Good, The Bad, & The Judge" and was published in September 1991. It is a novel containing 56 pages. Cover and interior art is by Jim Flood.

Summary: While working backstage on a Western play starring the Judge, Mark dreams about being a notorious outlaw.

From Media Monitor: "The laughs and puns abound in the Old West when Mark comes up against his evil twin, The Jersey Kid."

Issue 4

The Coyote Kid 4 is subtitled, "The Coyote Kid Rides Again." It contains 125 pages.

  • Tell Me Again Why I Shouldn't Hang You?
  • Oh Brother
  • Other unknown content