I Did a No-No a Few Years Ago

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Title: I Did a No-No a Few Years Ago
Date(s): October 1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Hardcastle and McCormick
Language: English
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I Did a No-No a Few Years Ago is a gen 134-page Hardcastle and McCormick anthology by Rowena Warner. Typed by Mysti Frank.

  • The Shoe and the Other Foot--Tag to "When I Look Back On All The Things". The judge is being arrested, and Mark will never let him forget it. (1)
  • Nightmares Ain't What They Used to Be--Mark has a nightmare about being sent back to prison; Hardcastle reassures him. (18)
  • A Visit from St. Nicholas--McCormick Style--Rewrite of the poem. (22)
  • Strike One, You're Out--Missing scene from "In the Eye of the Beholder"; the judge gets caught in one of Mark's leprechaun traps. (25)
  • S. Claus & Associates--Tag to "Hate the Picture, Love the Frame". Mark and the Judge have a visit from Santa Claus. (30)
  • I Did a No-No a Few Years Ago--"A young woman in a wheelchair arrives at Gull's Way, insisting that her waitress mother had told her on her deathbed that Judge Hardcastle was her father. Mark thinks she's making the whole thing up until Hardcastle shamefacedly admits it could be true. McCormick is stunned -- and then positive that Hardcastle will make him leave the estate." (38)