Revenge Times Five

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Title: Revenge Times Five
Publisher: No Name, No City Press/Politically ImpeRfect Press
originally published by Of Dreams and Schemes Press
Author(s): Rachelle S.
Cover Artist(s): Lady J
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Simon and Simon
Language: English
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Revenge Times Five is a 88-page gen novel by Rachelle S.



From the distributor:
A survivor of the Hanoi Hilton blames Rick and four other men for his ordeal and carries out an elaborate plan of revenge. AJ is pulled into the horror during the search for his brother, and comes to a better understanding of Rick’s past. Rape and graphic violence were part of Nam, and are included in this story as integral to the plot.
From July 1993 GAZ:
A SiSi novella by Rachelle Stein. Madness winds like a snake and Rick Simon is caught in its coils. Can AJ unravel the mystery in time to find his brother? A grippping novella.