Echoes of Terror

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Title: Echoes of Terror
Publisher: The Squiggle Press
Author(s): Regenia Marracino & Carlotta Vaughan
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): late 1980s
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Simon and Simon
Language: English
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Echoes of Terror is a Simon and Simon novel published in three parts. It is by Regenia Marracino and Carlotta Vaughan.


While there is m/m sex in this zine, it is not between Rick and AJ.

Some sources call it a slash zine.

It is unknown if this "slash" designation is because, 1) of the same sex relationship between two original characters named Steve and Casey, or, 2) if it is because fans who have labeled the zine slash have kind of a messed-up idea regarding the premise and think same sex rape is slash.

Zine Announcement

"From the Arkansas division of DRAGON GRAPHICS III comes a S&S special edition. Sequel to 'Echoes of Terror' in Who Rides for Justice? #1. A collaboration between original author and Carlotta Vaughn (who started from a different p.o.v.) Artwork depends on artist's time. Warning to those faint of heart or easily offended! If original story made you uncomfortable, do NOT order this line. R rated. AJ is assaulted (physically and emotionally); Rick commits murder. Now accepting $5 deposits and SASEs." [1]


This zine focuses on a rape in which AJ is the main victim. It extreme hurt comfort and rape recovery story in which AJ is brutally raped, and his brother Rick commits murder in an effort to help his brother recover. Extreme situations.

Book 1

There is no "Book 1." The first part of this story appeared in Who Rides for Justice? #1. It is possible that this story and Book 2 were later combined in one volume. See the gallery below.

Book 2

Echoes of Terror Book Two contains 136 pages and was published in 1987.

From a publisher's ad: "AJ is attacked in the "safety" of his own home, but this time, Rick learns the identity of the attacker and goes after him. Unfortunately, Troy is not easily dissuaded and continues his pursuit of AJ. Rick finally decides the man must be eliminated, only to find out too late that AJ has come to the same conclusion."

Book 3

Echoes of Terror Book Three contains 125 pages and was published in August 1989.

From Media Monitor and GAZ: "Picks up immediately after the events of 'Echoes 2.' For those new to Simon & Simon, it's trash AJ to the max. But (index finger held aloft here), though it's fiction, it's L.A. Carr's Ninety Minutes to San Ysidro. It brings home to the reader what can and does happen all to often in this world... not just to women, but to men as well."

From Simon and Simon Investigations #6: "The Simon family is torn asunder and Cecilia has to face the fact that neither of her sons will ever be the same again. AJ is in the psychiatric ward in restraints and heavily sedated. Rick, unable to deal with the guilt he has lain at his own feet, turns his anger on his brother, refusing to see him, and abruptly vanishes. Takes up immediately where Book II ends. SASE."

Excerpt from the third issue: "Terror suddenly clutched at him, and AJ gasped. No!I don't ...want Squeezing his eyes shut tightly, he tossed his head back and forth, fighting against memories that crowded against the door of his mind; they surged past his weakened defenses, parading before him in vivid detail—all except one. One so awful, so terrifying, his mind slammed the door shut before it could enter and destroy him. His breath caught on a sob. The tortured whisper accompanied Rick's unexpected collapse — the long legs just folded up, and Bejoe — caught off-guard — almost didn't catch him in time to ease his journey to the floor. Knuckles stood out whitely on the big hands as Rick clenched his fists, and fat tears squeezed out from beneath tightly-dosed lids to trail unheeded down the pale cheeks."



  1. from Simon and Simon Investigations #4