Freedom and Slavery

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Title: Freedom and Slavery
Publisher: the first volume by Clearwater Press out of Kent, England, the other to volumes by Brotherly Love Press
Author(s): Jean Thrower
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): Cyn
Medium: print
Fandom: Simon & Simon
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Freedom and Slavery is a series of slash and femslash AU Simon and Simon novels.

Issue 1

Freedom and Slavery 1 is titled "Strangers in a Strange Land." It was published in 1993 or before and contains 210 pages.

From an ad in GAZ: "The first of a proposed series (#2 is being typed right now) by Jeannie Marie, FREEDOM AND SLAVERY is a study of slavery and its efffects on Master and slave. Rick and AJ find themselves on a different world (literally!) of barbaric splendor, combining exquisite culture and unspeakable cruelty. Changes, both disturbing and exciting, occur in their relationship in the course of their new lives. BOOK I deals with the Simon brother's struggle with culture shock. GORGEOUS illos by Cyn!"

Issue 2

Freedom and Slavery 2 is titled: "Half Slave and Half Free" and was published between 1994 and 1997. It is 247 pages and has illustrations by Cyn.

Summary from Media Monitor: "Rick and AJ struggle to balance their love of freedom with their roles of master and slave amidst the splendor and barbarity of Jovaran civilization on the planet of Jorella."

Issue 3

Freedom and Slavery 3 is titled: "My Brother's Keeper." It was published in 1997, contains 304 pages, and was illustrated by Cyn.

From Media Monitor: "Book III turned out to be so massive, it almost had to be split into two volumes! Hopefully, that's GOOD news to you Simon fen out there :) Continuing the adventures of Rick and A.J. on the planet, Jorella, with the Simons' relationship evolving into something that neither one had ever envisioned, an time is growing short as the balance of nature begins to tip. A cast of thousands (just about), so there's scorecards inside. Whew!"