Best Friends

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Title: Best Friends
Circle: Mutou
Fandom: Pokémon
Date/s: 09 January 2011
Type: BL, manga
Language: Japanese
External Links: English scanlation
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Best Friends is a Pokémon doujinshi by Mutou. It features N with some Green x Red.

It has been scanlated by Psycho Soda Scanlations.[1]


  • [A]n adorable fluffy, yet mostly gen doujinshi featuring N and with a dash of GreenxRed. Not much happens in this one, but it will bring a smile to your face at the cuteness of how everyone is acting.[1]
  • The art style is so cute, and it suits my tastes perfectly! It's actually divided up into two separate stories, the first one starring N and his many adventures as he grows up. The second story is a GreenxRed one, featuring Green visiting Red on Mt. Silver. Poor Green seems to get shot down by Red. xD Aw~ There's also a one page GreenxRed comic in this one by a guest author. =D It's not as cute, but you can guess on that one page that Green and Red are about to commence with the sexy times. Buuut, since it ends after a page, we don't see anything.[2]


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