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Name: Psycho Soda Scanlations
Founder: kiuolo, darknessneko, and tennouji_nerin
Members: kiuolo, ???
Dates: 13 March 2011 - present
Medium: doujinshi, scanlation
Projects: Pokémon
Translating From: Japanese
Translating To: English
External Links: on LiveJournal Psycho Soda Scanlations Banner.gif

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Psycho Soda Scanlations is a Pokémon scanlation group that scanlates doujinshi and other fancomics. It is run by kiuolo (editor/webmistress), darknessneko (proofreader), and Nerin (translater).

The community profile states: "We aim to scanlate yummy Pokemon doujinshi and Pixiv manga for you! Our primary focus is GreenxRed from the first-gen Gameverse. However, we also do other BL, NL and GL pairings as well as non-pairing related stuff. We will also scanlate from the Specialverse and Animeverse. Some of the content will be R-15 or R-18."[1]

As of January 2012, they have scanlated the following doujinshi:


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