Suki to Kimeki to Kisu

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Title: スキトキメキトキス
Suki to Kimeki to Kisu
Circle: Ichinen
Doujinka: Ichiko
Fandom: Pokémon
Date/s: 13 August 2010
Type: BL, manga
Language: Japanese
External Links: English scanlation
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Suki to Kimeki to Kisu (スキトキメキトキス) is a Pokémon doujinshi by Ichinen. It features Green x Red.

It has been scanlated by Psycho Soda Scanlations.[1]


  • Once again, we have a doujinshi that opens with Green and Red kissing. Haha. It's fabulous, and I loved it. There was SO MUCH moe in this...!! It's really short, but the content more than makes up for it. There was so much sugary fluff I feared I would get diabetes. But oh, how happy it made me~[2]


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