The Horse-Tamer's Daughter (album)

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Filk Album
Album Title: The Horse-Tamer's Daughter
Producer: Off Centaur Publications
Type: Studio
Date: 1984
Medium: Tape
Fandom: Multiple
Performer(s): Multiple
Other: A songbook of the same name, containing lyrics & music, was published at the same time. The lyrics and CD booklet can be viewed here.
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The Horse-Tamer's Daughter is a filk album named after the title song; a songbook of the same title was also released. The album was sung by Julia Ecklar, and most of the songs were written by Leslie Fish.

The story behind Threes was eventually incorporated into the book Oathbreakers in Mercedes Lackey's world of Velgarth.


Three songs on this album won Pegasus awards and another was nominated[1]: The Horse-Tamer's Daughter (nominated in 1999 for Best Hero Song, and won in 2002 for Best Song That Tells A Story); Signy Mallory (in 2005, for Best Space Opera Song), Temper of Revenge (in 1991, for Best War/Vengeance Song). Female of the Species was nominated in 1998 for Best Adaptation.


Several songs on the album have inspired filks of their own. Female of the Species: The Female is More Specious Temper of Revenge: Temperature of Revenge (a Star Trek filksong about Khan) Threes: Has several filks-- Bob Kanefsky wrote both Threes Take 3 (a different, less noble interpretation of the story) and Rama's Company, Geoffrey Avalon wrote Threes Rev. 3.11 about pitching software to customers. Signy Mallory has been filked. (Details TBA.) The Horse-Tamer's Daughter inspired a crossover with Frank Hayes' Like A Lamb to the Slaughter (about Mattie Groves) called "Like Comyn to the Slaughter," telling the events of the song with a satirical twist; Joshua Kronengold wrote The Ruined Tower to the tune of "Under the Gripping Beast." Others exist.

The Darkover wiki writes: "Heather Stern wrote that the tune of "The Horse-Tamer's Daughter" "is good but the original lyrics were ... unpopular. 22 verses and not quite canon attitude towards Darkover." She created an autobiographical filksong The Programmer's Daughter to the tune." [2]

Track listing

  • Walk through the Night Side (Leslie Fish)
  • Female of the Species (Rudyard Kipling/Leslie Fish)
  • The Bait (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • Temper of Revenge (Julia Ecklar)
  • A Rose for Emily (Julia Ecklar)
  • Laughter from the Loch (Don Simpson)
  • Threes (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • Fellowship Going South (Leslie Fish, Catherine Cook)
  • Signy Mallory (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish)
  • Miracle Worker (Julia Ecklar)
  • Golden Eyes (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish, arr. by Joey Shoji)
  • The Horse Tamer's Daughter (Leslie Fish) (Darkover)
  • The Oath (Arlin Robins)
  • Black Widows in the Privy (Heather Rose Jones)


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