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Fan Club
Name: Omicorn
Dates: the mid-1970s to 1980
Founder(s): Tracy Cooke
Country based in: Bristol, UK
Focus: Star Trek:TOS
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Omicorn was a Star Trek club out Bristol in the UK.

The president was Tracy Cooke (UK), and Marie Hietalk (Finland).

The club had only a handful of members. Two honorary members were Majel Barrett and Nick Tate.


Omicorn was formed in the month of August 1976. Originally Omicron was a planet in the region Ceti 3, its inhabitants made up of one's own imagination (as are the Omicorn staff). At this time of that year a girl named Tracy (me) had a brain wave, something that happens every century, a brain wave that would change the future of all Bunions and Corns. With the help of Christine (2nd Vice President) and Lorraine (Secretary), we published our first newsletter, Omnicorn One. Yes, that's how it was written, Omnicorn. So that folks was how a 'cron became a 'corn.

Omnicorn One was distributed to seven homes throughout England, Scotland, and Germany. As the months passed our membership grew. In December '76 we had eight members. [1]

It published the zines:


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